The 3 step technique to create your killer networking intro

Your networking introduction needs to spark interest and start up a conversation. When you’re giving the chance to speak openly about your business, you can go a few ways.

There’s the five-minute monologue that loses an audience after five seconds.

There’s the mumbled sentences that only serves to convince both you and the person listening that you’re not really sure what you do.

And then there’s the one-sentence elevator pitch that perfectly encapsulates your brilliant idea and why you’re the person to make it a success.

But how do you construct that calm, confident and concise reply to the dreaded question?

To get it together, you need to look at what you do from three angles.

Angle one: Who are you?

How do you want this person to remember you? If there is one piece of information you want them to associate with you, what would it be? That’s how your answer should start.

Angle two: Who do you work with?

Who is affected by what you or your business does? This answer is the easiest way to show how significant what you do really is.

Angle three: How do you help them?

This is your killer closing statement. It’s where you show off exactly what you bring to the world to make it a better place.

Putting these three angles together leaves you with the prefect one sentence way to introducing yourself. As an example, here’s mine.

I’m Jon Cooper. I’m a reporter helping entrepreneurs by writing blogs, guides and news articles on starting your own business.


Some extra points on network introductions

There’s no harm in testing out a few different introductions to see what ignites the most interest. Don’t feel you should stick to something if it’s getting a lot of blank faces back at you.

Don’t be a robot. If you think changing up your introduction will give you a better connection with a certain person, make those changes. Remember, it’s that spark you’re looking for in this introduction and something that will lead to the next conversation.

When someone responds to your introduction, listen and work out what it is they find interesting about you. Make sure what you say next is relevant to that subject.

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