The Easter infographic: How much is Easter worth to you?

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Is Easter a time of year for you to ramp up your marketing and your sales? Does the long weekend have a negative knock on your business?

Across the country, a total over 80m eggs are sold, that’s an average of 8.8 eggs per child. Seems a bit excessive, but from the sounds of it a lot of those could be small Cadbury’s Crème Eggs as 1.5m are produced every year over the Easter period.

Between Cadbury’s and the other big name brands, 71% of shoppers admit to being influenced by big businesses for their Easter purchases. That doesn’t leave a huge slice of the market for the independent sellers.

We may consumer 80m eggs a year but, as expected, our Easter market pales in insignificance to that in the U.S. While we spend a total of £200m at Easter, Americans are busy splashing out £1.25bn on chocolate, gifts and decorations.

When it comes to who is spending the money in the UK, it’s all about the parents, of course. 35 – 44 years olds are by far the biggest spenders, with 25 – 34’s chasing them. Then there’s the over 65 market that seems to have pretty much given up on Easter, bringing up the lower end of the market.

How have you made the most of Easter for your business? Let us know if the comments.

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