Using Pinterest to Advertise and Brand Your Business

Pinterest has grown into one of the best websites/apps to use on your mobile. If you are an avid diy-er, a baker or someone searching for inspiration and techniques to create your own clothing, Pinterest has it all available at your fingertips. It's essentially a giant scrapbook, where users can create dofferent themed boards and 'pin' content to them. It's all visual. 

Being a little chef myself, Pinterest has become one of my favourite apps. I gain the best inspiration to create tasty meals at home for my family. I love that the app allows me to share and pin photos and short videos that I find interesting. So, I can always go back and whip up a tasty meal.

But, let’s get into why you’re here. Pinterest has grown into such a powerful image-sharing network, which makes it the ultimate tool for any business wanting to reach millions of potential customers in minutes. By sharing and re-sharing across this platform, getting to your ideal customer is relatively easy and of course free.

This month Pinterest has celebrated their fourth birthday, but how big have they become?

The current statistics shows that 70Million people use PInterest on a daily basis. Although some marketing leaders understand the value of using Pinterest and utilise all it has to offer, others are still struggling to grasp the potential.

So here are my 5 top tips on how to advertise and grow your brand by using Pinterest.

1.  Get to know your customers better

As Pinterest allows users to collect the things they find inspiring or interesting, you will gain important knowledge of what your potential customers like and want by browsing their boards. Who have they put you in with? What else are they associating your pictures with? Have they come up with some new uses for your product? Lookign at this allows for a better understanding of who your customers are and provides you with the correct information to substantially narrow down your target market. 

2.  Acknowledge customers pinned content

Re-pinning your customers’ pins allows them to feel important and this will create a better relationship between them, your brand and the products or services you have to offer. In this day and age customers want more than just the product but a relationship too. So it's a great chance engage in an authentic way.

Also look into what’s currently popular on Pinterest and use that to your advantage. If your business provides products or services on the popular list then post pictures relating to this topic - this will bring customers to your website and they may purchase more than they intended.

3.  Post interesting content

Posting interesting content is crucial. No one will re-pin something that isn’t intriguing and on Pinterest it HAS to be visually beautiful, exciting or captivating, so do your research and find out what they like to see. Infographics, tutorial graphics and images with titles underneath that link through to a post on your website work well. If you continue to post interesting and relevant content, they will easily recognise your brand and develop a sense of loyalty to it. Around 82% of sales off Pinterest are achieved by re-pins, which is when someone browsing sees your pin and pins it onto their own board. This makes it incredibly important to get the content right as then it's more likely to be shared.

4.  Attach to your social media

So you've started pinning, now what? Well, you can also benefit from integrating your social networking sites to Pinterest to further promote your business. It is now possible to pin your Pinterest posts to your Facebook and Twitter wall, so those who are following you already will realise you're also on Pinterest.

5.  Generate more followers

My last tip is how to gain more followers on your Pinterest account. Yes, it seems daunting just thinking about spending the hours doing it, but I guarantee you that it will pay off. With 70Million users and more sales through Pinterest than Facebook, it is definitely the place to be!

Here is how you attract more followers to your Pinterest account.

  • Create a good profile- spend some time doing this
  • Now share your new profile across your social networks
  • Find out what’s popular
  • Post intriguing content
  • Share content across your networking sites
  • Be active – comment on posts and re-pin
  • Host a competition – this works like a charm and pulls in many followers interested in what you are giving away. These users may become customers, so promote your competition everywhere.

Pinterest has proven just how important it is to businesses in the race to continuous success. Every brand wants to give customers a greater experience and earn their loyalty. But, the most successful will be those that take advantage of Pinterest and the potential it creates for their business.

Customers are always looking for what’s new so keep an eye open for the next Pinterest, but, for now, use Pinterest in the best way possible to connect with your customers.


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