When is the time right to quit the 9-5 job?

Sometimes, there comes a time when enough is enough and you’ve realised you’re unhappy with the 9-5 job that does nothing but pays the bills. But it takes more than just handing in your resignation to go from working five days a week to owning your own business. 

There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s all about personal opinions and knowing when the time is right. We’re always asked “when should i take my project full time?” or “how do I know when the time is right?” The answer is it’s down to you.

We have a few success stories for you who have given their advice on when the time is right to hand the resignation in and take your venture full-time. 

James Baddiley: Chillisauce

James started Chillisauce thirteen years ago from a small bedroom in Nottingham, at the same time the ‘dot-com bubble’ went pop. For the first year James taught himself how to write front and back end code, and do "design". He managed to launch the website after a year, and from then on the company has seen enormous progression; employing just over one hundred full time staff. 

James’ tip

"Do as much research into the potential market as you possibly can and always try to prove your concept in the quickest, least expensive way possible."

If your business heavily relies on the internet, learn as much about digital marketing as possible"


James Baddiley

"When you, or others in your team start to feel out of their depth, call in the experts to help out. It may seem costly at the time but in the long run, you’ll make immense savings."

Elizabetta Camilleri: SalesGossip

Elizabetta founded SalesGossip in 2011, after having a real ‘eureka’ moment that revealed a huge gap in the fashion and beauty industry. After realising the potential of a brand that can notify shoppers of sales, she decided to create one. She drew on her experience in business strategy, marketing and innovation to lead a start-up.

Elizabetta’s tip

"Make sure that you can demonstrate a strong proof of concept: If you can’t prove that your business’s mission is worthwhile and will work, you won’t succeed.  Proof of concept is the acid test for any entrepreneur."

Don’t give up your 9-5 job to found a company unless you are 100% confident about your chances of success."


Elizabetta Camilleri

"Leverage all of your connections: Tell your family, friends and business associates about your plans – and encourage them to tell their own connections too!  In my experience, if you ask people to help you, more often than not you find they are willing to do so."

Our tips


It may seem pretty obvious but it’s essential that you research the industry you’re looking to compete it and make sure you know what your getting yourself into. Your business may be successful as a part-time project but you need to ensure it has the potential to become a full-time job.


There’s no point plucking away to the point of unhappiness. If it’s come to the stage where you’ve had enough and want to put your passion to the test, you should just go ahead and do it. Don’t be hasty and battle the big guns when you haven’t got the resources but do what you love. 


If you’ve been working on your brand part-time, it’s all about building trust with your customers so when you make the step-up, you already have a customer-base.

If you have taken your part-time project and turning into a business or have any advice, then leave us your comments in the box below.

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