Where are they now: Cappuccino Ads

British coffee shops spend on average £7,500 a year on takeaway cups, but co-founders of Cappucino ads, Ian LeBruce and Alex Pope, have stepped in and offered a free alternative; with branding and designs from advertisers printed on biodegradable cups.

Cappuccino Ads are back in the limelight after being one of the 10 businesses in 2013's Best Use of Marketing category at the Smarta100 awards and have recently launched an Angels Den project to raise more funding. 

Coffee is a saviour for most bleary-eyed commuters and Cappuccino Ads have utilised the routine by creating a business that is coffee with a cause. 

We wanted to find out what they've been doing since their Smarta 100 appearance at Cafe de Paris in November; so we spoke with co-founder Ian LeBruce.

“Being part of the 100 best small businesses in the UK has provided some great coverage and opened up some new contacts and networks, especially in London.”

“Recruiting a wide variety of new clients from high-end retail to charities. We won the Shell Livewire award the month after the SMARTA event. We've hired 2 members of staff and are looking for another currently.

“We're growing the business organically but bringing in some investment allows us to rapidly speed up this process. This creates a higher barrier to entry for someone wanting to copy the idea.

“As previously mentioned, we're bringing in a new staff member, with another towards the end of year. We want to grow both geographically and in our product range over the year. It's an exciting time for Cappuccino Ads and hopefully we will continue to go from strength to strength! 

You can find out more about Cappuccino Ads and invest in the business by watching their AngelsDen project here and make sure you follow them on Twitter.

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