Here's what happened at Tuesday night's 'How To Get your Business Funded ' O2 Smarta100 event!

On the night we heard invaluable information and advice from Matt Thomas, COO at SmartaHQ, Paula Sygulska, founder of GrantTree, Bill Morrow, founder of Angels Den, Paul Boross, 'The Pitch Doctor' and Amer Hasan, CEO and founder of minicabit.

The panel had diverse information, from Bill Morrow having the room in stitches to Paula giving straight to the point advice on government funding. No stone was left unturned!

We were so excited to meet some of you, here's a little round up of some of the interesting entrepreneurs we met while networking. 



JOSH Iphone


We Met:  Josh Shires

Company Name: Jeddis

Company Overview: We've developed an exciting new iPhone case which stores headphones. We specialise in product design, software and automation.

What have you learnt from the event?

I learnt that the money is important, but not nearly as important as networking. You have to get your name out there, talk to and meet the right people as the money will only get you so far. This was a huge lesson for me. As a self confessed geek, I spend a lot of time secluded designing and developing, but at the end of the day, making an amazing product is the easy bit, selling it and marketing it is the hard bit. That is when your people skills are essential. 

What 3 Key Points have you taken away from the event?

  1. To talk to people and do not be afraid of asking or answering their questions
  2. Don’t worry too much about IP, worrying about someone stealing your idea will just hold you back
  3. Always listen to your gut feeling, it is your 6th sense


 University pic


We Met: Patricia Slapp  

Company Name: Bordoni Sport

Company Overview:

Bordoni Sport is limited edition, British made, designer activewear. Designed for women who take their fitness as seriously as their style, the range is created from the best, internationally sourced, technical fabrics in unique prints and eye popping colours. Every collection is designed by Patricia Slapp, former athlete and fitness expert, with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Patricia draws on her experience as an elite athlete and fitness professional to ensure that every design is the right combination of style and technical function, adding small design features that enhance comfort, fit and the technical purpose of the garment.

What have you learnt from the event?

One of the biggest things I learnt is that investment is not just about the money, but the potential for so much more if you find the right person to invest AND bring their experience and connections to your business as a mentor.

What 3 Key Points have you taken away from the event?

  1. A potential investor will make up their mind up about you as you walk towards them - present yourself well, show your passion, look them in the eye and NEVER miss the window to introduce yourself and give them a business card.
  2. The value of a business mentor - this is on the cards for me at the moment as someone has offered to mentor me - coming to this seminar has highlighted just how much value I will get from mentorship, through the experience and connections that the right mentor will bring to the business.
  3. When it comes to investment women don't ask for enough and men usually ask for too much. This rang true to me as I realised the figure I had in mind is much lower than what I should be asking for to really take my business to the next level.


 million £ guy


We Met: Paul Wookey

Company Name: Britrox TV

Company Overview:

Britrox TV is an online platform that showcases unsigned artists and bands to a global community through various media such as TV shows, feedback and Guidance from Music Industry professionals and social forums. Our aim is to make Britrox TV a home for unsigned talent. 

What have you learnt from last night’s event?

What I learned from last night is how amazing Smarta is as a business platform. It's great that it aims to give great independent businesses a chance to build a network and utilise the tools and advice to develop the business further and make it a success through mentors who have been there, done that and have the T Shirt.

What 3 Key Points have you taken away from the event?

  1. Investors invest in you and your presentation skills
  2. Always trust your gut instinct
  3. Grow huge balls by facing your fears and doing it anyway



90'S Ultra


We Met: Kelly Borkertas

Company Name: PX Productions Ltd (Ultra 90s, The Motowners, J'amy Winehouse)

Company Overview:

PX Productions provides professional live entertainment for events, parties, functions in the form of three unique shows; Ultra 90s, The Motowners and J'amy Winehouse.

What have you learnt from last night's event?

I learnt about the various types of business fundings that are available. And i now have a better understanding of where to go for information and how to present my ideas.

What 3 Key Points have you taken away from the event?

  1. Don't be afraid to ask
  2. Be confident and excited about your business and ideas
  3. It's just as important for you to fit with an investor/advertiser as it is for them to fit with your business


And just to give you that much more, we have an overview of Tuesday nights event on our Youtube Channel. Click here to watch it!

Why not come along to our next event and see who you get the chance to network with? Our next event takes place in Manchester on June 10th. Find out more here!


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