Quick fire branding tips from the Chief Marketing Officer of Wix.com

How have you seen businesses get their branding right?

Love him or hate him, Jamie Oliver nails is when it comes to branding. His website is updated daily with fresh content that's consistent with the 'easy', 'affordable' and 'healthy' messaging that’s central to his brand. He transfers this perfectly to his social networks, amending the content to suit the audience of each channel whilst keeping the same recognizable “Jamie” vibe and messaging throughout.

Another favourite of mine is Mailchimp. Starting from their name, to their visuals and tone of voice, they’re consistent in their messaging (humor!) which remains undeniably user focused, funny and friendly.

What mistakes have you seen people make?

Speaking to audiences the same across different channels is the main offender in branding. Users who receive an email marketing want to read different copy that what you present on your blog. And your Facebook fans want to consume material in a different way than your Twitter and Google+ followers. Rather than spreading yourself thin, focus your efforts on less activities that are more targeted at the relevant markets. You’ll see better results and will create a stronger brand identity.

How did Wix choose it’s branding?

It was simple where to start. We began by focusing on truly understanding our product and our users. Once we had nailed this, we combined it with what we believed about the brand. Then Wix was born.

What should a new business keep in mind when choosing it’s branding?

Exactly the same as the above. It’s also vital to feel confident with what you’re saying. Be yourself, be honest and the whole process with be much more powerful.

Why should a business ever rebrand?

Every company which needs to adapt to a new era or that’s taking a new direction with their product or service, should consider a rebrand. In March 2012, Wix did just that. Having launched our new HTML5 platform, we were faced with the difficult task of reshaping the brand without alienating our existing 20m userbase who were using our Flash platform.

We carried this out by using simple and clear messaging in our launch, which consisted of a massive cross-channel advertising campaign, extensive PR outreach and social media campaigns. Together with reassuring our existing user-base through continued support, while highlighting the advantages of switching to the new and advanced HTML5 platform, we successfully and painlessly executed Wix’ rebrand.

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