Should the Education System Introduce Entrepreneurial Studies into the Curriculum?

The growth of the UK economy is increasingly dependent on the future of our University graduates. As the amount of students leaving university without their dream job or preparation for the real world of business increases, is it time to implement a system that prepares all students for life after the classroom?

“Universities are well placed to use knowledge imaginatively. This means engaging the whole organisation and campus in the entrepreneurial learning process.”  Professor Alan Gibb OBE

According to the report commissioned by QAA Scotland and authored by Professor Colin Mason of the University of Glasgow, universities are being pressured now more than ever to evolve into a new phase and create more opportunities for economic growth through their students. In most cases students and employers expect universities to take employability into consideration when developing their curricular and extracurricular activities, whereas the government at both local and national levels see universities as the hub to increase economic development by creating new and innovative start up businesses.

We took some time to catch up with Richard Chin; current Graphic & Design student at University and founder of RXDMMXI, to get a quick insight.


Was entrepreneurial help or advice available at your university? If yes, did you find it helpful?

“The only entrepreneurial insight we received was through seminars with various business owners, who showed us that business is an obstacle course, but persistence even through failure is the only way to succeed. They had more passion because they spoke from experience and this made me that more keen to listen to their advice, as opposed to the lecturers who had no experience or advise to give to us. They were mainly concerned with preparing us for placements within or out of the UK.

I received a plethora of information from other business owners that I came in contact with and it is through these connections that RXDMMXI has grown the way it has with scope to grow even further.”

To compare experiences we also caught up with Mike Bandar, founder of ToyBoy Warehouse and former university student.

Was entrepreneurial help or advice available at your university? If yes, did you find it helpful?

“Yes, I was fortunate enough to study at Aston University and benefited from their ever increasing support for entrepreneurs. The support I received was incredibly helpful. Not only was the university keen to link me with businesses and individuals who were beneficial to my current business venture, they demonstrated a commitment to help me develop as an entrepreneur. 

I was proud to be the President of Aston Entrepreneurs Society during my final year and saw first hand how the thriving community of student (and staff) entrepreneurs were supported by the university. 

Even several years out of graduation I still feel like I benefit from Aston's support in the growth our turn around project of a niche dating agency;

If universities are to improve and meet the demands of the government they would need to change their entire curricular and extracurricular activities and fully embrace entrepreneurship in ways not seen before, as stated by the Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Adam Smith Business School at The University of Glasgow. Introducing an environment filled with creative insights into the process of becoming a business owner will naturally inspire students to become the next pioneers.

Whether they want to become an entrepreneur or not, everyone can benefit from thinking like one. Entrepreneurial skills will allow each student to push boundaries, generate new ideas and do things differently across the field. Learning all these valuable skills can be applied not just to creating their own businesses but influencing a positive change in the economy. 

Did you get any entrepreneurial support at Uni?

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