Smarta Mugshot: Christian, Software Developer


Christian, Software Developer

What is the most important skill you’ve learnt working at Smarta?

I’ve learnt an incredible amount so far! For instance, dealing with a wide variety of people, in terms of how they work and understanding how to approach different tasks and problems in varied ways and still produce a brilliant result. I have also learnt how to adapt to the way each department works and what they need, so I’m aware of what the editorial, marketing or loans teams may require, which makes planning and execution a lot easier to carryout.

How was your first day at Smarta?

It was full on! I received a bundle of work pretty much straight away. But, it was a lovely first day because all the staff were very welcoming and I got taken out for a free lunch, bonus! I love food!

If you had to be stranded on an island with someone from the Smarta team, who would it be and why?

It would definitely have to be Ishaq (Head of Finance). He is hilarious and has the most interesting personality! To be honest we wouldn’t survive very long but, it would be a good laugh until the end!


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