What is a Virtual Assistant and how can they help my business?

To put it simply, their role is similar to a personal assistant but the work is outsourced and there aren’t any contractual obligations. Virtual assistants can do tasks that doesn’t require any physical presence and they can work from the comfort of their own home. 

Sounds perfect, eh? To make the taste even sweeter, they pay their own taxes so you don’t have to worry about the payroll. If it’s short term assistance that you need in order to get your business up and running, then a virtual assistant is the way forward. 

A virtual assistant usually specialises in jobs that require being internet and digital savvy, which allows you to be specific in their job description. For example, if you specifically want them to improve your social media presence or write blogs to increase website views, make this clear in your brief. 

But how could they help your business maximise its potential? Here’s the five reasons you should seek a virtual assistant if you’re in need of some help but don’t have the finances to hire a full-time employee!

Help you juggle your life

Sometimes the most stressful part of business is arranging meetings and appointments. A virtual assistant will know when you’re free so they’d be able to do the hard work and you reap the rewards. If you’re becoming overwhelmed with the workload and simply don’t have the time to run your business while trying to live a healthy life, a virtual assistant would relieve a load of stress and ensure productivity is sky high!

Make your business look good

In any business, customers are the number one priority. Therefore you should do all you can to make them happy and ensure they recieve nothing less than perfect customer service. By having someone who can deal with emails and phone calls while you’re busy making your business the best it can be, your business looks dedicated and committed to keeping your customers happy. After all, every wants to be feel loved!

The nitty gritty

When outsourcing work to a virtual assistant, they’re more than happy to do any task to the best of their ability. They’re usually motivated to being very productive and delivering value to their clients, regardless of the job in hand. So if there’s a job that you don’t have the time to do, or you simply would rather not do it, just assign it to a virtual assistant. 

Saves you money

Usually, a virtual assistant is chosen over a personal assistant because they’re a lot easier to find but more importantly, they save you a load of money in the long run. If it’s only short-term help you need, then you should look for a virtual assistant to help you balance your books. It’s a lot cheaper to pay someone 10-15 hours a week for a few months then 35 hours a week for 12 months, right?

And breathe…

Having a virtual assistant will help you deal with the workload and you can assign what you want to them. If you’re looking to maximise your businesses potential and ensure your business’ performance is productive, making simple choices like hiring a virtual assistant will go a hell of a long way. But don't get complacent. There's no time to put your feet up but hiring a virtual assistant will make your journey more enjoyable!

But before you go and seek a virtual assistant, here's two important things you should know. 

How much do they cost?

They usually charge on an hourly or daily rate but this depends on their location. For example, the cost will vary depending on whether they’re in the UK or you’re hiring someone abroad. Do your research online and offer a realistic rate that won’t set your business back.

Where can you get one?

A simple google search will give you pages of results and websites where you can find a virtual assistant that suits your requirments. Time etc is a good one to start with and have been used by massive companies such as Skype and Nissan.

How can I create a relationship?

When giving the virtual assistant a brief, you should tell them plenty about yourself and your background so a relationship can be created from the off. Using programmes like Skype and Asana, which allows you to allocate tasks and projects, will keep the relationship flowing and ensure they're not left to their own devices.


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