4 things you must read to master PR for your startup

Tuesday’s webinar was a great success and there was some great advice from our panel about how businesses can build their brand without breaking the bank. We heard from O2’s Becky Potgieter on how important it is to create good relationships with journalists. 

Smarta’s founder Shaa Wasmund suggested rather than spending a large budget on campaigning your brand to a large audience, it’s better to send a focused message to key journalists in your sector  - with Shaa referring to is as “sanity PR” instead of “vanity PR”.

Finally, Jimmy Cregan, founder of Smarta 100 winner Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, told us how his business has succeeded from his obsessive need to interact with all customers on social media. We also discovered how Jimmy has turned unhappy customers around and ensured they continue to buy his products.

Master public relations with our top four guides: 


Five tips to doing your own PR

Public relations is about helping to make people aware of your start-up and ensure it sticks in their mind so that when they need to buy from the industry in which your business operates, they think of your company first. Here are our top five tips to doing your own PR.


How to use a PR agency

Using a PR agency doesn't come cheap - we're talking at least several hundred to a couple of thousand pounds - but there are certain circumstances when it will become absolutely invaluable for your business. So if you’re going to work with a PR agency, how can you maximise the relationship so your brand is marketed appropriately?


Public relations (PR) for businesses: the basics

Public relations (PR) is all about getting your business known by the public and/or the press in the way you want, by managing your business' image and the information you give out about it. In order to maximise your business potential, it’s essential you master PR and here’s how! 


How to get your business into the press

So you’re about to launch your business but how do you get in out in the public domain. The best way is to contact as many newspaper and magazine editors as possible and become best friends with journalists. If you're doing your own PR, you need to know how to get journalists to take notice of your business and this guide could help you do just that!

If you have any PR advice or have experience in public relations, let us know in the comments box below! 

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