Free Webinar: How to Boost Your Sales And Improve Your Business

Reserve your place now and master your sales strategy

Hosted by Smarta COO Matt Thomas, co-author of ‘The Smarta Way To Do Business’, the webinar features speaker, trainer, coach Leigh Ashton as guest panelist. Leigh specialises in helping people incorporate psychology alongside technical selling skills – leading to positive changes in their attitude, approach and their sales results. 

Leigh has proven her coaching works through years of working with business owners, directors and sales teams. Her aim is to identify and eliminate the psychological barriers and limiting beliefs that are used as excuses to rationalise lack of generating consistently great sales.

Matt and Leigh will also be taking your questions to help you apply these new skills to your business and to solve the problems you might have about selling your concept. Having a good sales strategy is key to any business. Without sales, your business cannot survive yet for many sales is a difficult discipline to master.

Our webinar will teach you the ins and outs of sales. We’ll cover:

  • Show you how to identify your psychological barriers to sales and give you the tools to help overcome them 
  • Demonstrate how the mind works so you know exactly how to keep yourself motivated and stay focused
  • Give you the ability to identify the psychological patterns of your clients and prospects so you can connect with them at a deeper level and close more sales 
  • Show you how what you learn creates more success in other areas of your life so you are happier generally...and of course happier sales people generate more sales!
  • Talk about how mentoring can make a difference in your business


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