How can Twitter mobile app promotion help your startup?

The mobile app industry is a competitive market but there’s never been a better time to try your luck at creating a startup app. In 2013 alone, mobile apps generated $26billion in revenue, which works out around £15billion. Impressive eh?

With over 2 million apps competing for stardom and success, it’s essential your marketing is top notch and you’re one step ahead of the competition. Twitter’s latest announcement could see your app become the latest market disrupter.

Here’s five tips on why mobile app promotion could be your new best friend: 

Tailor your audience

With 255 million users coming to Twitter each month, there’s a big audience to reach out to. But don’t worry, you don’t have to meet the expectations of that many people!

Tailoring your audience enables you to define groups of existing and potential customers and connect with them. By uploading information about customers onto Twitter,  you can then select them in a specific campaign. Make your campaign appropriate to your target audience and the results will be impressive. 

Target by gender, geographical location and language

If you want to save time and cash, Twitter mobile app promotion allows you to geo-target, along with gender and location targeting. So if your app is specific to a certain audience, specifying your needs in the campaign whittles down your reach out.

But if you want to reach out to a worldwide audience, then there’s an option to do so too. Geo-targeting puts your campaign in front of a highly specific audience and limits the reach, but it has great benefits.

For example, if your app is like @Frugl, who recently made an appearance on our blog, and is marketed at Londoners, then it makes sense to promote your app to Londoners using Twitter. 

Interest targeting

Interest targeting is another exciting option and allows you to engage with users that have an interest in a specific subject and ones who could potentially use your app! By targeting topical interests, there’s the potential to engage with a bigger number of users and delver your app promotion to people that are more likely to buy into it.

You can either do this by category, with over 350 to choose from - from entrepreneurship and business software to small business. Another option is by targeting usernames, which means any usernames you enter will include similar users. So if you've created an event in the music industry, it would make beneficial to include artists and other music platforms. 

Keyword targeting

Search engine optimisation, SEO, is an essential aspect of online business and ensuring your website receives as many hits and views as possible. Well it’s the same principle with Twitter mobile app promotion thanks to keyword targeting.

Keyword targeting allows you to reach Twitter users based on keywords in their search queries, recent Tweets, and Tweets they recently engaged with. There’s a number of options available including broad match, which matches tweets containing key words in any order, and phrase match, which is specified by using quote marks around keywords and matches inexact order only. 

Budget accordingly

Although Twitter Ads can be on the pricy side, the potential results and reach out is astonishing. When you set up a new campaign, the default setting is to start immediately and run continuously. This means your campaign will run until you stop the campaign manually or the budget limit is reached.

If you want your campaign to run for a day, a week, or a month, specify a corresponding start and end date for the campaign and you won’t go over your budget. There are two budget fields for each campaign: Total Budget and Daily Maximum. Use these to manage how much you spend each day and for the overall campaign budget.


So there you have it, the above our five advantages of using Twitter mobile app promotion and how your brand could benefit from using it. Don’t forget you can measure app install conversions and optimise campaigns towards cost efficiency, so there’s plenty of ways to track the performance of the campaign and keep costs down. 

Have you used Twitter mobile app promotion to boost your business and market your app? If so, let us know using the comments box below 

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