Making technology work for your business

Understanding technology for business is not just the responsibility of your IT team. As a small business or startup owner it’s imperative that you understand why you need technology to run your business and how it can help not only support your operations now, but also drive future growth.

Deciding to upgrade your IT is one of many crucial steps to growing your business. Making the technology work in the right way to help you successfully deliver your services to customers, and at a reasonable cost, can be tricky. But, it doesn’t always have to mean spending a lot. It’s more about balancing the cost of new IT ‘stuff’ with the time spent and resources used in maintaining your current environment. Understanding the basic IT requirements of your business is, therefore, essential.

There will come a time when working from a laptop no longer gives you the flexibility you need. You may want to invest in a cloud suite of office applications - there are numerous options out there (and we can recommend a few). Or, as your business grows, you will find that hosting your own software-based services consumes too much of your valuable time and resources. In this case, you might want to try IT outsourcing.

Outsourcing allows an expert IT partner to get down and dirty with your IT, giving your in-house team the support they need, or managing it completely alongside your technical representative. Consulting a third-party IT provider is a good way to support both your internal IT development and your organisation’s growth overall. This way, you can enjoy cost savings and ensure things run smoothly. 

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