Spice 2 Go: Heating things up following Dragons’ Den appearance

Hi Tej, so what’s the Spice 2 Go story? 

Spice 2 Go is an Indian food franchise company, aspiring to join the big names in the takeaway market. We have been in trade for just over a year now and what a year it has been! Having opened three stores in year one we have created a demand for Spice 2 Go, justifying the need for a reliable curry brand.

Where did the idea come from? 

I spent many years as a Domino's Pizza Franchisee. Here I gained a clear insight into what made a cool, successful food brand. Whilst in this position I was always thinking of how this model would work with Indian food.

Being born in India I have a huge affiliation with Indian culture, especially the cuisine. I was on my way back from a business trip in India and I thought about how much I would miss the food. This got me thinking, why is there not an Indian food chain? With Pizza, Chinese and Mexican food all having trusted brands I felt there was room to modernise Indian cuisine in the UK.

What’s the USP?

Spice 2 Go offers consistently great Indian food whatever store you may be at. Where you can go to a curry house one week you will have a different experience on your next visit. It is this consistency that is missing within Indian food here in the West.

How did the Spice 2 Go journey begin? 

I would say Spice 2 Go really began when I got my team together. The Designers, Developers and food specialists helped me create my vision for Spice 2 Go. Together we created an admirable brand that was both modern and exciting.

We first started drafting ideas about three years and developed the idea until we were ready to open our first corporate store in Swansea in 2012. 

What made you seek investment on Dragons’ Den? 

It was more the power of the Dragons that attracted me. Although a financial investment would have been beneficial it was what the Dragons could have done for Spice 2 Go. Being such influential business characters things could have moved faster for Spice 2 Go. As I explained on the show Spice 2 Go will be a household brand with or without their investment. 

How did you find the experience? 

The overall experience was overwhelming but one in which I am very grateful for. The preparation stages were fantastic for team moral, bringing all departments of Spice 2 Go together. I would definitely go on the show again but I would not pitch alone. The Dragons can be pretty intimidating as you can imagine.

What business lessons did you take away from your appearance?

Entering the den really tested me and further enhanced my passion to make Spice 2 Go a national success. It taught me to never give up on my dreams.

What are Spice 2 Go’s plans for the future?

We are currently liaising with various investors and potential franchisees that are interested in moving the brand forward with us.

Appearing on Dragons’ Den has really put things into perspective and the support I have experienced has been humbling. Spice 2 Go will continue to open stores and develop the brand, focusing predominantly on menu revision and marketing. 

How do you plan on building brand awareness in a populated market?

We aim for each shop to be owned by a franchisee which means recruiting local franchisees and involving the community.Equipped with our mascot Spiceman we are pretty good at grabbing customer's attention.  

We already posses a strong social media following which no other India takeaway can say. Our store openings are renowned for their loudness and vibrancy. These qualities are what set us apart from the local curry house.

To find out more about Spice 2 Go you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook page.  

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