The Chapar: What young generations can learn from their parent's business experience

Hey Sam, so what's the story of The Chapar?

The Chapar is a personal styling service for men. Our customer is a guy who wants to look good and dress well but doesn’t have the time or inclination to go shopping. We give them their own personal stylist, who makes a selection of outfits, which we then ship out to him in one of our trunks.The customer can then decide which clothes he wants to keep and then we collect any unwanted returns. We take the hassle out of shopping for men!

How did you and your dad get involved in business together?

My father worked in fashion for the whole of his career. He spent a long time at Levi Strauss and knows men’s shopping habits inside out. The idea of a concept that can finally work for men really resonated with him and we had this idea of a personal styling service that works for every guy out there. We had a grown up chat about plans, the business and decided to take go for it!

What have you learnt from your parents?

My parents are really different. Joe is a natural businessman; highly astute, methodical and rational. I try and replicate him in my decision making process. My mother is perhaps a bit more emotionally led and instinctive, so that helps me be in touch with the people around me and make sure we get the best out of people.

Did you always want to run your own business and if so, why?

I did. I really like the idea of controlling your own destiny and this gives me the opportunity to do just that. It’s also really satisfying to see a project develop and grow.

What are the benefits of working with family members?

I think the best thing is the absolute trust you have. You know you are both working with each other’s interests in mind, which isn’t always the case in business.

And the downfalls?

You probably know each other a little bit too well!  You know how someone operates, but also what makes them tick. When you’re working so closely you’re spending a lot of time together and you just have to be aware of that and find your own space. 

What are the upsides and downsides of running a business with your father?

It is mostly upside. I strongly believe the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

What do you think young generations can learn from their parent's experience?

It’s a cliche but they are a little older and a little wiser. Sometimes the young generation can get caught up ‘in the hype’ and aren’t able to see the wood from the trees. I take the mickey out of my father for always saying “take a step back and look at the bigger picture”, but he’s totally right, you really need to be cognisant of your wider aims, rather than getting caught up in the here and now.

The Chapar, the UK’s first digital fashion concierge service for men, recently raised £500K to expand into other European markets, revolutionising how the shopping-averse male buys clothes. 

You can find out more about them by checking our their website, following them on Twitter or liking their Facebook page 

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