Top business tips from our 'How To Build A Startup That Can Sell Globally' event

Put your money where your mouth is 

Geoff Linsell, Group Manager Director of Moving Brands, has helped the business grow from 12 employees to nearly 100. After working with the brand on a couple of projects, the business offered him a role in 2004 he couldn’t refuse.

His advice was when an opportunity falls at your feet, you have to “put your money when your mouth is” and prove your worth. Geoff has certainly done that, helping the brand grow worldwide. However, he also suggested it’s essential as a business owner to know when you’re beaten, having experienced an unsuccessful time in Japan. 

Make the most of free resources

After meeting Viviane Jaeger at the renowned London College of Fashion, Emma-Jayne Parkes co-founded SquidLondon with her friend in 2008. Since beginning her entrepreneurial journey, Emma-Jayne has made the most of her resources and said the British Library is super valuable.

They have tons of quality information which would usually be difficult to access - all for free! Not only that, but the information available specialises in different areas ranging from PR to tax and they also host network sessions allowing entrepreneurs to discuss their exciting ideas.  

Persistence is key

Amelia Rope and her luxury flavoured chocolate bars has seen her, at one stage, move house 15 times in the same amount of months. Running a business alone is no easy task but Amelia’s persistence and commitment to the cause has seen her business become a great success in the chocolate industry.

Her products can now be found on the shelves at Fortnum & Mason’s and Selfridges, and it was all down to shouting about her brand as loud as possible to potential buyers. Amelia admitted that although running a business by herself is lonely, there's no better reward than success!

Milk the media

Jessica Huie has had no easy journey to success after leaving school at 17 and not knowing where life would lead her. But using her entrepreneurial spark she founded ColorBlind Cards in 2007 and admits the media are key in helping business founders grow their brand.

Her advice was entrepreneurs should combine traditional media strategies with social media so you can determine who your target audience is and what media outlets you should use to promote the brand. Make sure you create good relationships with editors and journalists so your brand is marketed to a national audience. 

Know your market

Cecile Ortlieb is an International Trade Advisor having worked at various corporate businesses in Switzerland before her role at UKTI. Her current job sees her advise businesses looking to take their products or services overseas.

Cecile admitted it's essential you know your market and talk to as many potential customers as possible so you you’re fully prepared for the roller coaster ride of running your own business with the potential target of selling worldwide.

Did you come to the ‘How To Build A Startup That Can Sell Globally’ event? Let us know how you found it and how we can make our upcoming discussions a better experience for you. 

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