UK broadband needs improving for small businesses to prosper

Without a high speed connection, it can be difficult to maximise your potential and ensure you fulfil the demands of your customers. The FSB is calling for the UK’s digital infrastructure strategy to recognise the needs of startups and ensure they have access to high speed broadband. 

They have estimated 45,000 firms are still on dial up, with others struggle with speeds lower than 2 Megabits per second (Mbps), while residential areas have access to increased high speed broadband. 

So how can a business run day-to-day when it takes hours just to send an email right? FSB members want Government to prioritise the delivery of fibre-optic broadband to business communities such as retail parks and ensure that firms located in enterprise zones are fully connected.

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If only there was access to high speed broadband every in the UK right? With the need to adapt to technology and communicate with clients and customers via the internet, the restrictions of internet speed is having a damning impact on UK small businesses.

In the recent FSB survey, a majority of small firms - with 94% voting in favour - believe a reliable internet connection is critical to the success of their business. As many as 14 per cent of small businesses consider lack of reliable and fast broadband connectivity to be their main barrier to growth.

The FSB believe the current Government targets of 24Mbps for 95% of the UK and 2Mbps for the remaining 5% is not sufficient, and have asked them to commit to delivering minimum speeds of 10 Mbps for all business premises by 2018-19. 

Are you frustrated at the lack of high speed connection or do you have any suggestions for improving internet speed? Let us know using the comments box below. 

The FSB is the UK's leading business organisation with around 200,000 members. More information is available at You can read the full report here 

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