Dragons’ Den review: Just For Tiny People secure Deborah Meaden investment

Don’t bluff too much when pitching

With technology developing on a daily basis, you’d think board games were slowly dying out. But this hasn’t worried Pants on Fire duo Richard McLuckie and Stuart Mackenzie-Walker who have created a brand selling award-winning board games. Their pitch wasn’t well recieved by the dragons and it looked as if their experience on Dragons’ Den wouldn’t end with investment.

Asking for £50,000 in return for a 10% equity stake, a joint offer from Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones for a 40% equity gave the duo a lifeline. But they nearly blew it when they tried to barter the two entrepreneurs down to 25%. However, a second quiet discussion made them see some sense and they left the den with two successful dragons and essential investment. 

Lack of patent could prove pivotal

When Torch Apparel duo Hugh Roper, a successful entrepreneur and multimillionaire, and Nathan Wills pitched their stylish safety gear for cyclists, it took little time for the dragons to get excited. The fivesome were easily impressed by the stylish LED cycling helmet and it looked as if they’d secured the £75,000 they were looking for. 

However their time in the den took a turn for the worse when Peter Jones inspected their patent. The results were that is was too weak, with the patent applying to the design and not the actual concept. The dragons felt it was too easy for the big players in the industry to replicate the idea and Hugh and Nathan left without investment. 

Pitching on Dragons’ Den is great advice

When pitching on Dragons’ Den, it’s usually for investment or to get a successful entrepreneur on board who will mentor and guide you along your business journey. But for Jim Jemison, the second time he has appeared on the show, he can leave with great advice despite failing to secure investment.

Asking for £25,000, he was giving harsh opinions by the likes of Kelly Hoppen and Piers Linney. But he left with five different pieces of advice and lots of food for thought!

Social media presence has an impact

Effie Moss, founder of Just For Tiny People, entered the den asking for £50,000 and offering 10% equity in her business. Only 17 months old at the time of pitching, the mumpreneur wowed Peter and co with her business knowledge and exciting brand. It was her social media presence, with over 62,000 likes, that highlighted the excitement her brand has caused. 

Her children’s teepees generated sales of £124,000 in her first years of business and this persuaded Deborah Meaden, Kelly and Duncan all to make offers. Both Kelly and Duncan joined forces in a joint offer but it was Deborah who secured the investment in return for a 25% stake in the business. Since the investment, they’ve doubled their Facebook following with just short of 138,000 people joining Effie on the social network!

Catch up on the five most successful businesses in the shows history! 

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