How technology helps with staff holidays

Summer is a clearly a popular time of year for staff to take their annual leave. Those three crucial summer months in which staff tend to book their two-week holidays or more (if they have a nice boss) is often the time that small business owners dread. It means distributing the workload across other departments and people and trying to handle spikes in demand that you just couldn’t plan ahead for. The best way to meet deadlines and maintain excellent relationships with your customers is to be prepared and take advantage of business technology.

We have found that there are several key factors to maintaining high service levels when your staff are away:

  • Preparation – make sure staff know that they can’t leave a job half finished before taking leave. Set out a policy (e.g. two weeks at any one time on a first-come, first-served basis).
  • Vigilance – Use technology to make sure your staff are actually taking their holiday and not trying to carry it over to next year.
  • Share holiday schedules – this means setting up a virtual, shared calendar that all staff have access to. There are some excellent cloud packages out there that handle collaboration features like this.
  • Collaboration – ensure that the remaining staff have access to critical documents and contacts in the event they need to pick up from where their colleagues left off. Again, a productivity and collaboration cloud suite works wonders here.
  • Rely on robust rules – develop policies and procedures for managing people and tasks. Setting up email alerts and scheduling shared meetings and appointments so that assignments can be completed on time will ensure deadlines are not missed.

We know that all of these factors require preparation and the right kind of technology. For small businesses it’s easy to know what you want to achieve, but it’s often a challenge to know how technology can help. At help4IT we’re used to giving impartial advice to our customers about their technology requirements. We always recommend speaking with an IT expert, just to see how you can enhance your business with the latest business technology.

If you’re in the thick of it this summer, consider going for a cloud productivity service like Office 365. It’ll take care of more than just your staff holidays too. It helps to simplify your IT so you can concentrate on moving your business forward, beyond summer, and into the next stages of its development. 



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