How to create a good workplace vibe


There have been a number of studies that have researched the importance of music in the workplace and the overall impact it can have. London-based music licensing company PPL joint research project with PRS for Music found that 62% of employers positively believe they can influence the behaviour of employees through playing music while 87% of employees agree that music improves staff morale. 

The study also found that 91% of managers agreed that playing music makes staff and customers happier. When work may be a bit stressful, a little bit of Robbie Williams or Backstreet Boys is going to life anyone’s mood, right?

Weekly morning meetings

No matter how small the team is, it’s essential to keep in the loop about what’s going on in your business. Holding weekly morning meetings, presumably on a Monday, allows you to catch up with the team and discuss tactics for the week. Getting the team together and catching up as a group allows everyone to know what’s going on in the business and gives individuals an opportunity to voice their views. 

But weekly meetings aren’t just about reporting to the boss. It’s an opportunity for the team to communicate with each other and give suggestions on how the business can improve its performance and maximise efficiency. 

Monthly socials

Obviously it depends on the budget of the business but monthly socials are a great way to get the team together and socialise as a group. It could be as a big as having a different theme each month and doing something whacky or going out to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. Bringing everyone together and having a good time will have an impact on your employee’s performances and they’ll enjoy working for you a lot more. 

If business is stressful, then it’s essential as a boss to try and keep the vibe as positive as possible. Monthly socials are a great way to remind your team that you appreciate their efforts and you can still have fun no matter the circumstances. 

Occasional free lunches 

Now we’re not saying go out and bring free lunches to the workplace on a regular basis but the occasional surprise will go a long way. Everyone loves food right - especially when it’s free. Alongside the monthly social, you could introduce payday free lunches with a different cuisine each month. 

Or make it a little bit more exciting and do a poll so the team can choose what they have for lunch. It’ll give the team something to look forward to and while eating together, you’ll have another opportunity to catch with everyone and find out what each department is up to. 

Designated areas

Make the workplace fun! Introducing different areas in the office where your team can eat their lunch or have a chilled out break is a great way to create a good vibe. After having a stressful morning, the last thing someone wants to do is eat their lunch at the desk.

So go out and buy a sofa or some comfortable chairs and make your office look great! Opening up the buying process to the office will make them feel part of it too - you could also do a team trip to the local IKEA!

Good temperature

It may sound a bit of a strange thing to introduce but ensuring the office is at a good temperature is essential! How can you expect your team to perform to expectations if they’re freezing? So ensure the office is at a good temperature and everyone will be happy! 

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