How to turn first time buyers into repeat customers

Store their data 

Data, data, data! The dataplace is the marketplace and it’s essential you know as much as possible about your customers. If you’re an eCommerce business or have an online presence (you should have a website no matter what), make sure you’re storing your customers data.

Don’t be too pushy and bombard them with question after question as soon as they land on your website though. But find out more about them - and suggesting they sign up to a newsletter - will allow you to keep them updated and make your service is specific to their needs and requirements. The more they feel loved, the more likely they’ll return! 

Engage with customers

Engage, engage, engage! That leads us nicely onto customer engagement. Once you know a little bit more about the first time buyer, make sure you don't forget about them even if they forget about you. Even more reason to remind them why they should buy from you eh? When they buy from you, make sure they’re aware how grateful you are. 

But don’t finish there. You should keep them up-do-date with your latest offers or suggest products based on their data that suits their requirements. Getting back to data, you’ll be able to deliver a better service if you know more about your customers. Sending newsletters, mailouts and engaging on social networks will give your brand some credibility and personality. 


Sell, sell, sell! So a customer has used your service or bought a product, but what do you do next? You after-sell, that’s what you do. They’re obviously keen about your brand so you should try and suggest other ways in which your business could benefit them. 

You see it all the time when you buy a product and the sales assistant shows you a top that will go well with the jeans you’re about to buy. But remember - deliver on promises too. If you promise to deliver something on a particular day then make sure it happens. 

Reward loyalty with offers and discount

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty! Everyone loves to save money so why not demonstrate your appreciation for repeat customers? Promoting loyalty schemes or discounts is a great way to turn first time buyers into repeat customers. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. 

By adding in freebies or giving them a small discount if they regular shop from you, you’ll be their new best friend! Oh and the nicer you are, the more positive the word of mouth will be. That gives you more first time buyers to turn into repeat customers. Running a business is great eh?

Make them feel part of your brand

After three. One, two, three… Personalise, personalise, personalise! It’s essential to share the love and make your customers feel part of your brand. There’s loads of ways to do this and a great way is to send a samples and let them try future products ahead of launch. You can also do competitions and offer prizes to winners. 

It’s all about engaging with your audience. Obviously there’s a fine line between engagement and hassle so don’t overdo it but make sure you’re doing your utmost to maintain a relationship with your clients. Customer service has a lasting impact and it’s more likely to persuade them to return to your brand. 

So there you have it, five things you should apply to your business to turn first time buyers into repeat customers. Do you have any suggestions? Email me at and I’ll add the best ones to the blog!  

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