Social media expert added to our digital marketing livestream and event

Next Tuesday’s event will teach you the ins and outs of digital marketing so you can hit the ground running and leave the room full of great ideas and inspiration. But that wasn’t enough! We wanted to make sure every aspect of digital marketing was covered and that includes social media. 

We’re delighted to announce Jeremy Fall will join our panel at Prospero House next week. Smarta CEO Shaa Wasmund will host the event and Jeremy will join digital marketing expert Saija Mahon, O2 Business Director Ben Dowd and Stu Jolley who founded men’s toiletry brand Wingman. 

Heading up a brand that has a Twitter following of over 200,000 people and just short of 125,000 likes on Facebook on their main page is no easy feat to achieve. But when you add 64 Facebook accounts, 136 Twitter accounts, 3 Youtube channels and 60 TripAdvisor accounts, the importance of Jeremy’s role is evident.  

Each of the 57 casinos has a social media team that has been empowered to deliver high quality social media at a local level, ensuring that all the companies brand pillars are upheld and they are using the national strategy.

Jeremy’s role sees him manage the social media budget for the casinos and ensure customer engagement is a main priority for each individual team. He'll come armed with loads of advice on how you can master your social media presence and what it takes to secure a huge following on social networks. 

Having a social media presence and engaging with customers is an essential part of business. With people spending more time online trawling through social media websites it’s vital to ensure your brand stands out. 

But how do you exactly capture customers? You have to showcase your personality and provide as much of a service as you can online. Next Tuesday’s event will teach you how to master your social media presence and you’ll leave the room raring to put your great ideas to the test. 

And we’re also opening the O2 Smarta 100 event up to a national audience. For the first time ever, the upcoming O2 Smarta 100 event at Prospero House will also be streamed live online for those who can’t make the trip to London.

So what more could you want? Register for the livestream today or reserve your seat at Prospero House now and become the latest social media trend! 

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