Top business tips from Tuesday’s ‘How To Market Your Business Online’ event

Capture your data 

Business director Ben Dowd is one of O2's longest standing directors and has overseen major changes in the business during his 16 years there, he's also busy searching through thousands of applications in this year's Smarta 100. As the importance of digital marketing and the need to retain customers increases, it’s all about knowing who your audience is right?

Ben spoke about the importance of capturing data as soon as you start your business. Regardless of how many customers or website visits you have, it’s essential to know who is showing an interest in your brand. Without capturing data, how can your provide a personal service? So make sure you create data capture forms and always ask questions when creating content. 

Create a social conversation

Wingman founder Stu Jolley founded the brand back in 2009 with a dream to make the men’s toiletry world more exciting and adventurous. He launched a viral video promoting the Wingman brand that has now been seen by more than 2 million people on youtube, showing the power of social media when harnessed.

Social media is now a dominant force when marketing your business online. But it isn’t just about making as much cash as possible - it’s really important to create a conversation with your customers online. Stu discussed the importance of creating a social conversation by being personal and chatty on social media. If a customer is unhappy with your service then offering them freebies goes a long way too!

Understand the role of digital platforms

Mahon Digital was founded by Saija Mahon in 2010 in order to give SMEs affordable access to digital marketing by real experts in the field. The business has grown significantly in the UK with dozens of clients now relying on its digital services, from small businesses to large multinational companies. Having spent more than ten years working for some of the biggest media agencies in London, Saija knows all about digital marketing and how a startup can leverage brand awareness through the power of specific platforms.

Her advice was that startups should research, or hire an agency if they have the budget, to understand the digital platforms appropriate to the business and industry. There’s not much point ploughing tons of money into a YouTube video if your customers don’t find videos appealing. 

Time your marketing campaigns

Jeremy heads up Grosvenor Casinos Social Media. This consists of 64 Facebook accounts, 136 Twitter accounts, 3 Youtube channels and 60 TripAdvisor accounts. Each of the 57 casinos have a social media team that has been empowered to deliver high quality social media at local level and he manages the Social media budget for the casinos.

His advice was that when creating a marketing campaign, it’s essential to ensure the timing is appropriate to your customers. At Grosvenor Casinos, Jeremy ensures that the campaigns are timed appropriately so there’s not much point sending an email in the morning if the majority of the targeted audience had been up all night playing poker. So ensure you know your market and make sure the campaign is going to be viewed.

Did you come to the ‘How To Market Your Business Online’ event? Let us know how you found it and how we can make our upcoming discussions a better experience for you. 

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