Proven ways to create lasting results, build success and enjoy the journey

1. Start by defining what success means to you

The brain works quickly. It call create a rich image in seconds. More often than not, this initial impression is more comparable to a twenty-century abstract art piece. Often, all it gives is a flavour or colour of success.

To know what you want, spend time clarifying the details first. You can do this by building a collage of images, phrases, words that attract you. 

2. Get help!

Think of every CEO, every professional athlete or someone you admire. Behind each of them is a team of people supporting their effort. Yet, asking for help can be difficult as it makes us feel vulnerable and exposed to potential rejection. Overcome the fear by asking and offering help more often. It will increases your network, help you get important information and create results faster. 

3. Plan

Anything more substantial that gets built comes with a blueprint. Plans are vital. They give a sense of scale, help the mind work out what’s where and provide an automatic checklist to measure progress. From financial plans to garden plans, from yearly achievement goal lists to product launches, only the foolish proceed without one.

Create a concrete plan for your success be it career, business or personal life. Remember to name specific actions that will help you bring the plan to life and get going fast!

4. Have fun by building it into your work 

Planned fun? Is there such a thing? Yes! Your ability to enjoy life depends on making each day, each week have things that restore and build you up. In a world of work and business, it is often easy to forget the things that help one feel refueled.

So plan that dinner with your best friend or important contact so you can catch up as people. Plan a regular night off to do something you enjoy. Your brain and body will thank you. In rests and pauses, the brain gets its inspiration and becomes more productive when back in work mode. 

5. Have structures to support you

Whether it’s a personal assistant, an online planner, or an old-fashioned paper diary, chart or a list, structures help people stay on track. The brain enjoys having physical support.

As it relies heavily on memory and routines, the more you can automate and streamline into specific processes for how you balance work and life, how you stay in touch with key contacts, how you track your progress etc, the more of its potential is left to tackle key challenges and the more free time you have to enjoy. 

So the secret to success is steadfast, balanced work that is supported by good plans and physical aids to help remind, prod, visualize, stimulate and inspire your mind to work at its best. 

Magdalena Bak-Maier is founder of  Make Time Count devoted to working with clients and organisations to develop talent and high level, sustainable productivity and an author of Get Productive! A trained neuroscientist, Magdalena's original tools and models help businesses and individuals get results and feel good.  See for more information.

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