Shaa Wasmund: How to achieve world-class productivity if you’re a creative like me

I’m a total creative but I get more done than anyone I know. For that to happen, I have to be organised. I’m constantly searching for new ways to make me better organised and am a productivity app addict for good reason.

I don’t believe simply working hard equates to getting stuff done – and it certainly doesn’t result in the world class results I strive for. I’ve learnt that for me, less is more.

That’s not a cop out for putting in the hours, it means making sure that the work I do is focused only ensuring the most important thing is always the most important thing.

It’s easy to dismiss focus as easier said than done. If many of you can relate that there just aren’t enough hours in the day; too many emails to possibly answer; so many opportunities that you can’t act with clarity to know which are right ones to pursue; and that at the end of every day you’re so zapped you can’t do anything but recover.

Thing is, where’s that getting you? Few people can multi-task effectively. When we get distracted and take on too much, results become diluted, productivity drains, quality slips; we become unhappy and feel like we’re habitually underperforming.

In this death spiral of busyness, we’re certainly not world class.

The only way to achieve more of what we truly want, is by doing less. But better. As business owners, we have been led to believe that the measure of our success is our size. 

Many of us have woken up to realise that big does not equal success, success is actually about doing really good work. Work that we love, work that our customers or employers love.

Don’t take the first job, take the great job.

Don’t keep mediocre staff, hire the amazing ones.

Don’t pick projects that simply increase your overheads, pick the projects that make you happy … and a profit.

Do less work, but do truly great work.

This takes discipline and organisation but there are also tools out there to really help you. I schedule everything that is important for me to get done every day and always work in the present: that way I make progress EVERY DAY. 

I also use task-managed tools such as Asana to ensure I don’t get distracted. I store EVERYTHING in my working and personal world in Evernote so I can instantly access every email, file, picture, project note, letter I’ve ever worked on.

You’ll probably heard me rave about Evernote before: it’s changed my world so I’m a proper fan girl, but even I was surprised how excited I could get over its latest innovation.

Scanners might not sound particularly ground-breaking, but trust me, the Evernote Scanner, produced in collaboration with Fujitsu is the ultimate productivity tool: simply scan your photos, business cards, receipts and documents, and it no time they’ll be digitised and available in your designated Evernote notebooks. It saves SO much time and means you genuinely are paperless.

If like me you’re a creative who gets shit done and demands world-class productivity, it’s a must-buy. Check it out here

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