4 ways to make your mornings more productive

Your Routine

Four ways to make your mornings more productive Smarta Routine

Knowing how long your morning takes is the most important thing about waking up ready for what your business needs. It won’t just help you get everything done in the morning; it’ll help you sleep at night with the peace of knowing you won’t start the next day in a stressful rush.

Time yourself one morning and work out how long each task takes. Leave some room for surprises and then write down the block of time you need every morning. No matter what else you change about your mornings, building a proper routine is the best way to get supercharged early. It’ll also make those lazy weekend mornings when the routine goes out the window all the more loveable.

A good, old fashioned run

Four ways to make your mornings more productive Smarta A good old fashioned run

It takes commitment, but rising early going for a proper run before work has a huge pay off down the line. It doesn’t have to take hours, but leave enough time to push yourself. There’s a lot of hype about 7 minute workouts, but fitness guru James Fell has joined the experts disputing the regime, claiming “The workout is done at a barf-inducing intensity, so some people will crash and burn”.

If running isn’t your thing, try Pilates or a session on a punching bag. There are tons of options to get you up and your heart beating in the morning. Just make sure you dedicate yourself and your time to it to get proper results for your mind and body.

A proper breakfast

Four ways to make your mornings more productive Smarta A proper breakfast

What’s the breakfast of entrepreneurs? It’s not cereal, or toast, or even egg whites. Smarta’s founder Shaa Wasmund went to the exclusive MasterMind Talks in Canada with fantastic entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, and it wasn’t bottles of water they were serving, it was green smoothies. The smoothie is the most efficient way to give you every bit of nutrition you need to hit the day running.

There’s an almost endless list of variation you could give these smoothies. Play around and have some fun with them. But, if you’re looking to dip your toe in with a suggestion, check out these great options.


Four ways to make your mornings more productive Smarta Ambitions

When you’re getting out of bed, make sure you know what you want to achieve by the time you get back there. Choose three goals and, unless you embarrass easily, say them out load. That kind of clear direction will let you know what’s important about the next 24 hours.

These objectives could be anything from reducing the time your team spends in the weekly meeting, staying away from browsing Facebook or even making time for something outside the office. Whatever you choose, it will make sure you’re spending your time on what matters.

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