5 guides you must read before starting a business

1. 21 things to research before starting a business

The facts are three quarters of startups fail within the first three years and a third of those fall by the wayside in the first six months. To give you the best chance of surviving the teething period we've compiled the top 21 things to research before you take the plunge.

2. When to quit your job?

If you’re fed up of working 9-5 in an office with a horrible boss, we’d always encourage people to get stuck into their businesses. But there are some technicalities to consider before your first definitive step. So when is the right time to quit your job and not waste your life savings on an idea that simply isn't ready yet?

3. 10 steps to starting a seriously sensible business

Do you have a seriously exciting, disruptive idea? We hope so and certainly don't intend to dampen your enthusiasm. However, it can also pay to think about how your new business can be seriously sensible too. Here's 10 steps to starting a serious sensible business!

4. Should starting a business be inspired by passion or motivated by money?

Running your own small business is one of the most rewarding things life has to offer. But should starting a business be driven by your heart and passion? Or after realising a gap in the market, go with the business plan that will earn you the most cash and better holidays?

5. What makes an entrepreneur?

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners come in absolutely all shapes and sizes: aged between 9 and 109, male, female, rich, poor, people with multiple doctorates and people who left school at 13, and from every ethnic background you can think of. But what entreprenurial skills should you look to master?

If you're in need of a business idea but don't know where to seek inspiration, check out our How to come up with a business idea guide!

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