5 ways your business could be using social media

Ben Austin, CEO of Absolute Digital Media - an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Essex - gives five ways you can maximise your social media performance to its full potential.

1. Market Research 

Regardless of the size of your company or the sector you sit within, to grow as a business you need to constantly be analysing your industry. Social media is a great market research tool, and platforms such as Facebook actually allow you to create polls to this effect.

Similarly, you can also use this as a way of gathering customer feedback on your brand, or specific products. This valuable information can then be used to shape important future decisions. 

Read more about how to conduct and utilise market research in our Smarta guides.    

2. Putting a face to your brand 

Social media is a much more personal way of interacting with your audience than many other forms of marketing, with one-on-one conversations more than feasible. It’s also a great opportunity to show a little personality - you’re catching people in their down time and your tone can reflect this.

This is especially important for those in traditionally formal sectors such as finance. People warm to those they can relate to so this is your chance to show your human side. 

3. Customer service 

It has become the norm for consumers to turn to social media in an attempt to solve any queries or problems they may have with a certain product. It makes sense: firing off a quick tweet or Facebook inbox message are highly preferable when faced with the alternative of spending hours on hold on a premium rate line.

Unfortunately, it has also become the norm for consumers to vent their frustration via social media too - whether founded or unqualified. Think of it this way - people are more than likely already talking about your business online, and if you’re not where the conversation is you can’t add to it, or defend yourself should a situation arise. 

4. Retaining customers

All too often people focus on winning new customers via social media. Whilst this is great, it’s actually cheaper, and often much easier, to retain the ones you already have. Maintaining a relationship with those who have purchased from you in the past can pay dividends. Social media also opens up a wealth of opportunity when it comes to cross-selling or up-selling.

When a customer approaches you through Facebook or Twitter, for example, asking a question about a specific service or product, you can use your extensive knowledge of your business, as well as them personally, to offer alternative products or services you think they could benefit from, a bit like a more personal version of remarketing.   

5. Create loyal ambassadors 

Becoming more active within your social media profiles is a great way of building a loyal online community who are happy to endorse your brand. Positive word of mouth on social is as good as a strong review, and because this is written somewhere independent it tends to hold more weight. 

With any business tool, the more you use it, the more possibilities become available, and social media is no different. How you use it is unique to the nature of your company and the time and resources available to you, but understanding how it can be an asset in achieving each and every one of your goals gets you off to the best start. 

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