7 free tools you need to start your business in 2015


Everyone knows how important social media is, but you can’t spend your life at the computer sending out constant updates. You’ve just started a business; you’re far too busy for that. Buffer lets you set up tweets, Facebook statuses and Google+ posts days in advance so you can keep your fans up to date, without having to be at your laptop every 30 minutes.


Once you run a business, ideas will come and go through your mind faster than you ever imagined. You need a creative environment to jot down those ideas and you need them to be accessible from anywhere. That’s what Evernote is. It lets you create and edit documents from any device, anywhere, for free. Brilliant.


Creating your website goes hand in hand with creating your business. It brings together branding, sales and personality in a way that should make your idea look fantastic to every browser. WordPress is full of free templates and plugins that will take your business to the next level. But before you make your website live, make sure you’re happy with the branding!


Once you have a website, it’s time to use it to build your audience. Wufoo lets you add customised sign up forms to any page. They are instantly changeable and can collect whatever information you need to know about your viewers. It’s the perfect way to start building a connection with your fans, completely free of charge.


Want to send fun, engaging and beautiful emails to your audience for free? MailChimp is the best place to go. Its interface is simple and it lets you build the tons of email campaigns. It even includes advanced functionality like A/B testing that sends out the same email with different subjects lines to small portions of your audience, before sending the one with the best open rate to everyone else. Useful, right?


If you’re looking for case studies for content on your website, or businesses to collaborate with, ResponseSource is a fantastic way to find them. It lets you send out requests to thousands of businesses who are looking to get covered or work with new entrepreneurs just like you.


If you’re looking for the best thing you can get for your business for free, how about up to £25,000? With Smarta Startup Loans, a government-backed initiative, we can offer you a personal loan, along with post-loan support and a number of amazing perks. For more information, click here

Using these seven tools and resources will give you the power to start your business in 2015 without splashing out cash you don’t have yet. Make sure you check them out and let us know if there's any we've missed out. 

Good luck!

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