How to attract customers online this year

Small business owners and startups alike should look at alternative advertising and marketing channels to advertise and promote their brand in 2015. Why stick to a single engine when you can try out more? 

Here’s our top five tips on how you can attract customers:

Know who your customer is

First and foremost, you must know who your customer is. How do you do this? Engage with your audience, sign them up to your mailing list and make sure you ask them as many questions as possible without being pushy.

Without knowing who your perfect customer is, their demographic, age range, gender or even what time they prefer to shop, you’ll struggle to maximise the potential of your marketing strategies. Analysing the data will ultimately allow you to maximise your potential online and reach out to a wider potential customer base.

Jazz up your content

Content is king. The more articles, emails, reviews and marketing you produce and publish, the greater chance you have of attracting new customers as each of them acts as an entry point to your ecosystem. There’s no harm in adding some personality to your content too with some clever thoughts. This will make you unique.

Engaging with your audience is essential and until you have cash, content is your best friend. Search engines prefer to show fresh content so keeping your website updated with regular features will ensure your content is visible and drives traffic to your site!

Try Bing Ads

Bing Ads provides pay-per-click advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo search engines and despite traffic often being lower than that in Google AdWords, it’s often of really high quality. The combined audience of 24 million unique searchers in the UK is obviously looking for quality content, spending 188% more than the average internet user worldwide according to independent research company comScore.

Recent statistics has also shown that the average Yahoo Bing Network searcher spends 44% more than Google searchers. To help you get your custom ads seen online, they’re offering new customers £75 of FREE online advertising. Find out more here.

On mobile? Redeem your £75 coupon here. 

Make the advertisement relevant

Potential customers see advertisements everyday; make your brand stand out by being unique but get to the sale immediately. It’s not just about mastering keywords so people find your ad, you’ve got to make sure you maximise the potential of the lead.

Make the landing page - the page that the searcher will be led to when they click on your ad - appealing. There’s no point directing them to your home page if there isn’t a strong alignment to what they were looking for.

If it’s a particular product or service you’re selling, make sure you turn that lead into a sale! Using Bing Ads’ expert coaches will enable you to plan, create and improve your ads so you’re getting the best out of your advertisements. You should anticipate people make online searches everyday looking for a product or service so there’s no better time to get your PPC ad out there.

Personalised offers win customers over

Everyone loves a bargain, right? By now, with ads and engaging content, you should have plenty of customers coming to your website and you now have a great opportunity to turn these visitors into buyers. If it’s a product you’re selling, offer it at a bargain price or with special conditions like free shipping, extended warranty, etc. That’ll win them over.

Alternatively, a free trial of your service is always a winner too! Delighting customers online is arguably much more challenging than offline so keep it fresh with a surprise or two. 

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