New Year’s resolutions for small businesses

Perfect your pitch 

When you’re pitching to potential investors or customers, make sure you’ve perfected what you’re offering them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, family member or even your dog, it’s essential you can explain your business in one or two sentences.

Get more sleep

Tiredness kills good business ideas. In order to get the best out of your business and yourself, make sure your getting enough shut-eye and you can go full steam ahead.

Make sure you get paid on time

How will your business make money if your customers and clients aren’t paying? Be nice to them but be firm too, and make it a priority to chase invoices if they haven’t been paid.


Be proud of your business and shout about it. Don’t be scared to boast about your business or your new idea. If you want people to know about your brand, get out to small business events and tell everyone.  Don't be afraid of someone stealing it, you’re more likely to find people who want to help. 

Forecast and aim realistically 

We’re not here to burst anyone’s bubble but be realistic when writing your business plan and forecasting your sales. Do your research, know you market and make sure you know who your competitors are. 

Unlimited supply of business cards 

Even if it’s a short trip to the corner shop, always carry your business cards in a pocket. A simple exchange of contact details could lead to that big sale you’ve been dreaming about.

Get on social networks

Get your business on every social network out there. Set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and make sure you keep your followers up-to-date with everything that is going on with your business. 

Have some me-time

Always remember rest is important so don’t stress yourself out too much with work. Reward your efforts with some wind-down time, it’ll make you feel better and benefit your business in the long run. 

Add personality to your business

Think of an idea that’ll be sure to create a craze and put it to test. We’ve had many businesses come through our door and thought ‘How on earth did they come up with that idea?’ Do things your own way and customers will love you. 

Up sell

Don’t settle for less. Think of products or services that would benefit your product and sell more by adding them into your offering. 

Get skilled up

An entrepreneur needs to be a jack of all trades, so make sure you’re the best at everything. If you feel you’re slacking in one department, apply for a course or practice something until you've mastered it. 


Keep in touch with your customers by being personal with monthly newsletters. Send more and be chatty with them. You shouldn't be looking for more customers, but building fans for your brand with exciting content. It’s all about delivering value.

Offer freebies 

Everyone loves free stuff and if it may lead to potential sales, so offer people a free trial or a taster of your product. Don’t give too much away where you’ll be making a huge loss but show some kindness.

Apply for awards

As we’ve seen with the Smarta 100 together with O2, awards can be the kick-starter for tons of opportunities. Apply for as many as you can, be clear with how great your business is, and you never know where it may get you.

Speak to your customers

Have a relationship with your customers where you trust each other. When this happens, you’ll be able to have conversations with them and it’ll always goes down well. Think of positive word of mouth.

Always ask for feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for feedback. Whether this is face-to-face, an online survey or a form, be clear and concise with what you are looking for from your customers. How will you ever improve your business if you don’t know what’s wrong with it?

What's your New Year's resolution? Let us know in the comments below! 

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