The Rib Man: Butcher by trade, butcher by nature

Where did The Rib Man idea come from?

The Rib Man idea came about after I was selling ribs for about a year on the streets. As I cooked through the night down Brick Lane, strangers would walk past me and shout “Ribman” and it kind of stuck from there. 

What were you doing before you started the business? 

Before I started the business I was working as a butcher but one day they told me they couldn't insure me as I fall over a lot...

Did you always dream of running your own business?

I never really thought about running my own business if I’m honest. In fact, I was fighting against it until recently when I accepted that The Rib Man is a very good business. Therefore I’m trying to be more professional about the way I go about things.

What’s been the highlight of your business journey?

There have been many highlights since launching my business. I’ve won a couple of awards including the O2 Smarta 100 Best Use of Marketing category. I’ve also been able to feed Man vs Food star Adam Richman who has since become a friend.  

How did the Hawksmoor collaboration come about?

Yes, Hawksmoor stock my sauces which is great. The collaboration came about when chef Richard Turner admitted he loved my ChristOnABike sauce and tried to recreate it but failed. 

We love the sound of your sauce - where can we buy some?

You can buy my sauces from me on my stalls at Brick Lane and West Ham United home games or online at

What do you love about the pop-up industry? 

I love the pop-up industry because it relies a lot on word of mouth. That gives you great satisfaction when you know people are recommending your business to people they know. If people love what you do then others will find out about it.  

Has it surprised you how popular it has become over the years?

I am seriously blown away every day by how well things are going. I love what I do and I feel very fortunate to be able to do something I love doing on a daily basis. 

What’s your plan for the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months things look very exciting with my sauces about to go wholesale and in March I'm involved with a company called SSP who will be franchising The Rib Man at Euston station. It’s an experiment to see if it works and if it all goes well, there’s plans to move into more stations and potentially airports. 

Why did you decide to franchise?

I've been approached more or less every day by investors and the like but this franchise deal excites me because it could end up being all over the country with possibilities of going to airports in other countries.

Visit The Rib Man to find out more about his story and great tasting ribs. You can also follow him on Twitter, where he replies to all of his followers, and Instagram 

The Rib Man

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