Stop Advertising and Start Marketing

It’s easy to assume that everyone needs your product, but the reality is, most probably don’t.  Your idea can be great, but you need to take the time to choose your audience or see who they are, and identify that niche so you can start marketing to them. 

  • Choose your audience - before you start marketing, so your time and money isn’t wasted trying to market to the uninterested masses
  • Know your competition - how saturated is your market? Are you unique enough to get the cut through you require?
  • Know the market size and wealth - so you can position your pricing and how much you can sell

Sell the solution

People are always looking to see how their lives could be made easier.  How they can save more time, reduce costs and be more efficient.  So selling the solution is an effective way of marketing.  Touch upon the problem, but use that to sell how much simpler their lives can become with your product or service.

Everything should be measurable

Implementing and analysing metrics are fundamental for businesses to incorporate from the get go.  Measuring against benchmarks and analysing what is and isn’t working will help flag what changes need to be made to grow your business - no matter the size.

Google analytics is a great way to start, and won’t cost you a penny.  It can tell you who has visited your website by location and device, what campaigns brought in the most traffic, what page has brought the most conversions and discover the top and worst performing pages…the list goes on and the limit is endless.

Content Creation

Hard selling is probably the fastest way to lose the interest of your audience, and content creation can also be what makes or breaks you.  Whether it’s on your blog, on your sign up page or your informational pages, it needs to get the engagement of your audience.  So if you create interesting content around topics that your target audience will be interested in, it can help create a customer base via subscriptions…a cost which will be a lot less than advertising at the Rugby World Cup.

Social Media

Traditional strategies don’t always work nowadays.  Technology has changed the way we work and consume content, so you need to be on social media.  This doesn’t necessarily mean every single social media platform available, it means the ones where your customers will engage with you. 

The conversation about your brand (whether good or bad) will happen with or without you, so it’s better you be there and ready to respond to customer complaints, compliments and queries so they know there is a human on the other side to give you customer support.


Having an opinion can get you a long way. We’re talking editorial pieces (not advertorial-which can be extremely costly).  If you have a strong stand point and know your brand’s tone of voice, this can help your business become a part of the news and position your product or service as the solution to a common problem.

So before you throw thousands of pounds that you don’t have for advertising, try marketing.  It can get you a lot further on a much smaller budget!

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