The Mentality of Success

Success isn’t something that just falls onto your lap.  No successful entrepreneur will tell you that their journey was stress-free, so there are a couple of ways to keep you motivated. 

My experience has taught me to always keep the 'end-game' in mind.  Staying mindful of the results you want to attain will help reduce distractions and prevent the prospect of becoming caught up with minor details.  Becoming too engrossed in inconsequential problems will only make you lose your momentum, so keeping focussed on solutions rather than problems will help you learn from what didn't work, and move forward.

Your mentality can't be like the weather
Past set-backs shouldn't cloud your judgement or effect your motivation.  There will always be obstacles along the way, but what separates those who succeed from those who fail to progress, are the people who can persevere through any task at hand.  

Having the drive and motivation for this is what’s key, and this involves being able to embrace change.  There is nothing worse than someone who can’t take feedback and/or fails to see things in a different perspective. So rather than being easily distressed, being receptive to alternative ways of thinking will help you (and your company) better adapt to changing environments and unpreventable issues that arise.

Don’t micromanage
If you’re trying to get into the mentality of success, your employees should have autonomy over the work they own and not feel like they’re constantly being scrutinised over their every move. KPI’s and deadlines will help you examine their performance, so it’s important to trust the people you work with and allow them to decide how and where they work.  By giving them autonomy, they will naturally be more motivated to help your company succeed.

Have a good work-life balance
Start-ups don’t just stop at 5pm – they require attention 24/7, but with that being said, we all have personal lives.  This is one of the reasons that we encourage our staff to embrace flexible working and remote working. There is great value in allowing employees to have the option of being flexible with their working hours and environment; they can avoid the unnecessary stresses of commuting to work, realise how productive they can be with a change of location, and make time for their loved ones instead. 

Although putting in the hard work is essential for the success of any business, your mind set is ultimately where your perseverance comes from, so it’s important never to overlook the mentality of success if you as a company or individual intends to produce a successful start-up.

If you’d like to hear more, listen to Shaa Wasmund and my webinar discussing the mentality of success here

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