5 Ways to Keep Costs Down in Your First Office

Switch Off to Save Electricity

Get into the habit – and train your staff members too – of switching off lights and appliances when they will not be used again for some time. Do be sensible with this as computers and heaters will draw quite a lot of power when starting up.

When turning them on and off several times during the day could actually end up costing you more than simply letting them fall into standby mode if not being used for a short time.

Office LED Lighting: Leading the Way Forward

LED lighting is the coming thing as far as office lighting goes. Consider having all your lighting changed over to LED lighting. Not only is it vastly cheaper than traditional lighting, you will soon amortise the expense of refitting the office as your electricity bill drops dramatically!

Recoup led lights not only cut down on electricity bills, but also improves work productivity in the office.   

Invest in a Franking Machine

Consider getting a franking machine for the office. While initially you will have to pay out a certain amount for the franking machine and deposit on your postage, each and every letter will cost you less than a regular stamp – and the savings will soon add up!

Using a franking machine will encourage you to stay in contact with customers, enabling you to quickly and cheaply send out fliers and special offers without sending your postage bill through the roof!


More and more companies are turning away from traditional telephone lines and using internet calls instead. VOIP telephones (voice over Internet Protocol) use your broadband to make calls and with many companies offering free VOIP calls, you could be set to save an absolute fortune over the months: all without sacrificing call quality or availability at all!

Cleaning Your Office on a Budget

If you have a cleaning contract with an external company, make it clear that you will supply your own cleaning materials. While the cleaning company will not doubt source cleaning materials and supplies at warehouse prices, they are almost certain to be charging you brand-name supermarket prices for the products; a quick and easy way to maximise their profits!

Do check though; if they are supplying cleaning products as included in the price you could end up out of pocket by insisting on buying your own! 

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