How I launched my business: Pip & Nut

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself and how your entrepreneurial journey began?

Pip & Nut is a food brand that makes a range of all-natural, totally delicious, nut butters; we’ve got three flavours in our launch range: Peanut Butter, Coconut Almond Butter and Almond butter. I entered a competition back in May ’14 called ‘Escape to the Shed’, run by Escape the City, who were offering one start-up the chance to live rent free for three months (in a shed).  There were other perks that we wrapped into the prize which included desk space in their offices in Bank and access to advice and events at The Escape School.    

I spent most of my time building up to a crowdfunding campaign that I launched at the beginning of September ’14 on Crowdcube, an equity crowdfunding site.When the pitch went live on Crowdcube and I had an original target of £100k for 16% of the company, with 60 days to complete the funding round. Within just nine days I’d hit my target and overfunded the company. In fact the pitch was so popular that it took just 24 hours for Pip & Nut’s pitch to go from £38k to £120k!

Pitch Pip & Nut in one sentence:

Pip & Nut is an emerging food brand that’s on a mission to put the nut back into nutrition - we make a tasty range of natural nut butters that come in jars and handy on-the-go squeeze packs.

Pip & Nut

How did the idea come about and when did you realise it had the potential to become a full-time business?

The inspiration behind Pip & Nut was a classic case of searching for something and not being able to find it. I'm a marathon runner and an avid fan of peanut butter, as it's a something I often eat before or after running as it's a great source of energy. But what I found when looking at the ingredients list is that a lot of mainstream brands use cane sugars and palm oils which, for me as somebody interested in health and nutrition, just didn't appeal, so I decided to do something about it and create my own.

Why did you decide to start a business around natural butter?

Pip & Nut is bringing a fresh and contemporary brand to the category that's designed to make nut butters more relevant to the general consumer and founded upon the basic principle that healthy food doesn’t need to boring. 

How have you found the initial launch?

We've been overwhelmed by the positive reactions to the brand and products from both consumers and buyers, but it really is just the start so we're busy little squirrels at the moment planning for the next few months which are going to BIG!

What has been your highlight so far?

Pip & Nut launched into Selfridges in London, Birmingham and Manchester on the 1st January and stock is moving even faster than expected! 

How did the Selfridges and Partridges deal come about?

Selfridges spotted Pip & Nut at a small event run by the Creative School for Start-Ups, their Lead Buyer loved the product and it took off from there! Partridges was a more traditional approach, our Business Development Executive, Tom Benn pitched it in to the Buyer, who bought into the product. 

What's been the biggest barrier and how did you overcome it?

The biggest barrier from the outset was finding the right manufacturer, the process took 8 months due to many factories being unable to process nuts, due to the allergens.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I enjoy the variety, no two days are the same, and I have true ownership of my work. 

Why do you think there's such a boom in the healthy food startup space?

There’s a demand coming from consumers for healthy food that also tastes great.

Best advice you could give to anyone starting up this year?

Surround yourself with people who are at the top of their game in their field, never be afraid to approach people to ask for help.

What's next for Pip & Nut - any plans over the coming months?

With almost 18 months work having gone into getting the products to market I’m so excited about seeing the products on shelf and going out and reaching more stores!  We’re also launching our on-the-go squeeze packs in February, which will open up all sorts of new markets including gyms and cafes, as well as being perfect for lunch boxes and ‘al desko’ snacking.

Visit Pip & Nut to find out more about the range of products. You can also follow the startup on Twitter or like their Facebook page 

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