Unicorn Hunt: The new job board for tech jobs in London

For our readers they may not have heard of 3beards, what do you do?

We're a tiny team of passionate people who put on amazing events to help catalyse the entrepreneurial community right across the world! We do this via events such as Silicon Drinkabout, Don't Pitch Me, Bro!, Chew the Fat and Digital Sizzle. 

Is it actually true that the business was formed by three entrepreneurs who bonded over their love of a good face-tickler? 

Basically! We'd made the events, but we needed to register a company, it was late, we were drunk, and 3 beards was available. It's ended up defining us, though accidentally, but now we have a whole "beardy" philosophy, which allows for people have internal beards on their soul.

If you were David Cameron for the day, what would you change for startups and small businesses?

I think this Government has done a good job - but I would say that as I was deputy-CEO of the Tech City initiative for 12 months ;). There’s still a lot to be done, Visa's are still an issues, as is broadband, space is at a premium, and we need to work harder on increasing the angel investment community.

What was the thinking behind the Unicorn Hunt job board?

We'd had a job board on the old site for a year and people liked it - but we HATED it. It was ugly, slow, and didn't delight anyone. We wanted to make a jobs board that was fun to use, that was fun to interact with and helped you find the jobs you love; not the same old dross offered by our far larger competitors. We also like unicorns!!

What makes it different to other recruitment job boards? 

Hyper-laser-unicorn-supernova-targeted to Designers, Developers and other digitally minded folks, a lot of fun, emoji's and a "chose your own discount" pricing model. 

How does the job board work?

You head on over to http://unicornhunt.io and if you're looking for a job, you sign up to receive our beautiful emails, (and I reckon, you should follow our twitter feed) and that's it, when you see a job you want, click the link and apply! 

What’s the process of posting a job on Unicorn Hunt?

If you're looking to hire, then you'll need to create an account, then enter all the various details, then choose how generous you want to be to those lovely 3beards for creating such a great product, and BOOM - you’re done! You'll be attracting the best digital talent from all across the world! 

There’s a real buzz about the tech scene in London - why do you think this is?

A collection of reasons. There’s a huge surge in digital business becoming the default professional career for the brightest and best, coupled with a very strong, open and collaborative community, so we all champion each other rather than try and fight each other. That creates a really awesome energy that makes everyone happy.

What’s next for Unicorn Hunt and 3beards, there’s been a lot of change recently?

You'll have to wait and see, but it's gonna be EPIC.

Visit Unicorn Hunt to discover the best talent or to find the perfect business to work for. You can also follow Unicorn Hunt on Twitter or like their Facebook page

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