Weroom: The flatsharing social network

Tell us about your business?

Weroom is a social platform dedicated to flatsharing. We help people to find a place and people to live with.  Currently, we have +150,000 users and +20,000 rooms all over Europe. 

Where did the Weroom idea come from? 

As a student, I experienced great flatsharing stories but also nightmares. Housing is something that has become unaffordable for most that are aged under 35 particularly in the UK, where house prices continue to increase every year. Weroom is a solution to that – an intuitive platform promising a smooth flatsharing experience, connecting people with ideal roommates to ensure that they are matched with likeminded people.

What made you choose flatsharing sector?

It’s social, international and means a lot to people. It is also working within an industry that is experiencing immense growth at the moment, with significant investment from the government being put into the rental sector. They have realised that modern house prices are simply not affordable for younger generations, particularly those living in urban cities.

To live affordably and comfortably, many people now need to flatshare for longer before entering the property ladder, and this means that the flatsharing sector is also an incredibly lucrative one.

What are the advantages of using this business model?

For our users – it means they can afford to live in decent places and with great people! And from our perspective it is tapping into an industry that is only going to grow in the next decade as more and more people decide to flatshare as a permanent living situation. 

What were you doing before?

I was Manager at Amazon, Consumer Electronics category leader where I learned a lot of technical aspects that facilitated the development of Weroom. Amazon is a global enterprise and working there broadened my entrepreneurial skills and vision, which certainly has helped pave the way for my success. 

How did your business journey begin?

I started my adult life as a flatsharer and naturally this was an industry I was organically directed towards. Having worked in retail and technology, I broadened my skills to pursue something I was passionate about and that would help make a difference. So this is very much where I am at the moment and I’m hoping this journey continues.

Did you always want to run your own business?

Since I was 25 and following my first internship in a large company, yes I wanted to run my own company. With the right support, hard work and investment, I have been able to achieve this. Furthermore, I would recommend anyone looking to start their own business to continue to strive for success and make sure that that passion never fades.  

How would you describe your experience as a business owner?

Exciting, hard and challenging

What are Weroom’s plans for the future?

Keep developing our product and community of users with new features that will enable people to book their new home with great people in just one click. We also want to expand our community base and make sure that flatsharing becomes an increasingly important social phenomenon as house prices continue to increase. 

What entrepreneurial skills do you regard as most important?

Courage and team building.

Best advice you've been given?

Enjoy everyday! It could be your last.

Visit Weroom to find out more about its flatsharing platform. You can also follow Weroom on Twitter and like their Facebook page 

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