Why it’s all about the customer service

In the early stages of growth, it’s easy for startups to focus on cash flow and revenue generation, especially if they have launched an innovative product without any immediate competitors. 

By shouting about your customer service function from the outset however, you can associate your brand with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Not only does this encourage long term loyalty but engaging with customers can also provide valuable insights to drive your business forward.

It’s inevitable that any new business – whether it’s a product or a service – will see teething problems in how their operation works. Receiving customer feedback is invaluable for a start-up and feedback should be collated and drawn into making constant improvements, as well as ensuring individual complaints are addressed. 

I set up My Parcel Delivery to solve a problem I had as a business owner, and that I knew many other small business owners had too. Since then, other similar services have popped up. 

Yet customers return to our website because they find it easy to use and they know we are always here to help if they encounter any problems. 

Our belief in offering excellent customer service is ingrained within the business so deeply that it forms part of our business values, branding and, essentially, part of who we are. We worked really hard to achieve our 9.1 rating on Trustpilot and proudly shout about this on our website. 

Any business with growth plans (and who doesn’t have growth plans?!) will want its customers to come back time and time again, becoming loyal customers and ultimately, brand ambassadors.

It’s important to remember that one bad experience with a brand or service can be enough to put a customer off for good, especially if there are other competitors ready and willing to provide that service. 

Additionally, in these times of social media, consumers can – and will – air their complaints in public, which amplifies the problem by damaging your business reputation. 

It’s easier to ensure your customer service issues are dealt with swiftly and with attention-to-detail than to let them linger and ultimately damage your brand and reputation. 

So, what are the most important elements of customer care? 

1. Listen and empathise

The first element is always to listen to what the customer has to say and understand why they are annoyed, upset or frustrated. Simply letting them vent their frustration can make them feel better. Make sure your employees are personable and friendly to chat to on the phone. 

2. Explain what the next steps are

It’s important for the customer to understand what the process is – whether they will be on hold for a few minutes, through to you looking at the issue and calling them back. As a customer, there’s nothing worse than not knowing what someone is doing on the other end of the phone or feeling that you don’t know what will happen next.  

3. Ensure promises are kept

This is the golden rule of customer service. Nothing angers a customer more than a promise to address or fix a complaint not being followed through. Trust can be broken very quickly and once lost, it can be impossible to win that customer’s trust back. On the flip-side, giving that customer an outstanding response to a problem they’ve encountered can really impress them and win back their loyalty swiftly. 

4. Formalise and publicise your processes

When you define your customer service strategy make sure your customers know about it. Your strategy, which should include everything from how to provide a glowing review, to how to make a complaint, should be clear on your website or in your T&Cs. Transparency is key to building relationships and strengthening your brand.

My Parcel Delivery is an online business that provides parcel senders – both consumer and business – with the ability to get better prices and customer service from leading courier companies when booking a range of parcel delivery services for either UK or international destinations through its on-line platform. 

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