How to perfect your e-commerce product pages

Simon Horton, founder of ShopIntegrator shares a few best practice tips that will help you perfect your product pages and improve conversion rates.

Use inspiring, high-quality images

Online customers can’t physically examine a product; they rely on the images you provide. Therefore it is essential that customers feel confident that your pictures accurately reflect the physical product. 

  • Use high-resolution images that can be viewed equally well on any device  
  • It’s worth investing in the right equipment, and also in training with a professional photographer on how to shoot your products to best effect
  • Offer alternative views or include a 360° viewer to present your product from multiple angles. For example, Clarks displays multiple perspectives and a zoom function for every pair of shoes. The more accurate and detailed the image, the more confident your buyer will feel.
  • Original photography is a great way to showcase your products and will have a bigger impact than standard stock shots.  To create interest, try photographing your products in action, or in inspiring, real life settings.

Have original, keyword rich product descriptions

Write unique, relevant and keyword-rich descriptions for every product on your page.

  • Start with the fundamentals - What information does the customer need to enable them to make a purchase decision? For example, make sure you include essentials such as price, availability, colours, sizing and delivery information
  • Use original copy - Don’t just replicate the manufacturers’ descriptions. It is important you create your own version. Consider the keywords your customers might use in their product search and include them
  • Think like a customer - Be creative, don’t just focus on the functional information. Write persuasive, interesting descriptions that will capture the attention of your audience
  • ALT text for images - Remember to include alternative (ALT) text to describe any images you are using accurately. Search engines can’t read images so ALT text will help them accurately identify your visual content.

Use videos

Videos are a great addition to your product pages. Not only are they loved by search engines, but they can actively influence a customer’s purchasing decision. 

  • Showcase your product in action - For example, to support their static product images, clothing companies like Boden offer video clips of their clothes being worn, giving customers a far better feel for an item  
  • Include ‘How To’ videos - If your product has instructions or requires assembly then including a video guide can alleviate any concerns a buyer may have about actually putting it together once it arrives.

Make your layout clear and clutter-free

A good first impression is essential, so it is important to get the design of your product pages right. They should look clean and be easy to navigate or visitors will simply go elsewhere.

  • Keep the design simple using plenty of white space
  • Categorise products into logical sub groups
  • Think about how much choice you offer. Research indicates that too much choice can actually put people off making a final decision.  Have a good balance of options, but don’t overdo it
  • Ensure you always include a clear call to action button such as ‘Add to Cart’ on each product.

Encourage customer reviews

Products reviews can improve your conversion rates.  They help reinforce a purchasing decision by removing any lingering doubts a visitor may have. In addition, reviews can work as a trust signpost that enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand.

Econsultancy research shows that 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchasing decision from a site that that includes user reviews. Ideally use a third party supplier like Feefo, Re-Vu or Trustpilot to ensure independence.

These tips are simple to implement but will help get your ecommerce product pages working hard, ensuring you are maximising the opportunity to increase those all-important sales conversions.


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