Oppo - Icecream and naked models

“We realised how hydrated and healthy we were after drinking from fresh coconuts each day and eating local fruits – they set us up for the day.”

This sparked a love for using natural ingredients and a mission to make the most indulgent foods healthy. Oppo takes traditional ice cream flavours, replaces sugar and cream with stevia leaf and virgin coconut oil and boosts each one with a superfood to enhance the nutrition and taste. There are currently three flavours available: Madagascan Vanilla with Baobab, Salted Caramel with Lucuma, and Mint Choc Swirl with Spirulina.

In January 2015 Oppo was the fastest ever food/ drink startup to raise money through crowdfunding, closing with £300,000 and 197 individual investors. But, now months on from this amazing success in crowdfunding they are one of the finalists in Richards Bransons, Pitch to Rich competition – but just last week they found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard. As all true underdogs do they have come back fighting.

On Friday the brothers behind Oppo, Harry and Charlie, gatecrashed the offices of Spirit Digital with a bag full of ice cream asking for votes. The Spirit team were so taken with their approach and the story behind the brand that they wrote a script on the spot and the following day the team were shooting it on a roof in Peckham.

Matt Campion, Founder & Creative Director, Spirit Digital Media: “The guys pitched up on our doorstep and I was so inspired by their sheer cheek and determination that I thought, in the words of Richard Branson, "screw it, let’s do it.” Admittedly it certainly was not a smooth process. Securing a location, extras, props whilst convincing two models to get naked along with a coconut wielding dwarf and a kinky Richard Branson doing gangnam style was a challenge to organise in a day.

A public vote is all that stands between Oppo and pitching to Sir Richard Branson in the live final to secure a £250,000 marketing budget. Vote now: http://www.pitchtorich.co.uk/oppo-ice-cream/ Charlie Thuillier, Founder & Managing Director, Oppo: “Oppo is the underdog. We are up against some established names in this competition – and as David vs Goliath illustrates in the video, we’re also challenging multi-national corporations on a dailybasis.

We’re a young team but want to make sure we get into the live final more than anything else.” Harry Thuillier, Director, Oppo: “While we’ve got this far with no marketing budget the £250,000 prize would take Oppo to the next level.”

This is a true example of entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to take risk if you want it bad enough. Show some support and help this amazing duo get to the top. Click here to vote and help them secure their marketing budget and manifest their dream.


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