Work Remotely? How to Stay Focused & Sane in 8 Steps

Of those, we reckon a good 50% have trouble finding the motivation they need to get the job done. After all, all work and no colleagues can make us all very dull boys (and girls). So to help you beat procrastination and enjoy a more fulfilling remote working routine, I’ve put together some top tips for keeping on top of your workload. Read on as Sean at Leisure Jobs shares his top tips.

Create a Winning Schedule – Remember those revision timetables you spent hours creating at school, highlighting pen firmly in hand? Well, it’s time to channel your inner artist and get the fluorescent pens out again. Thanks to your very own, cleverly-planned schedule you’ll be hitting all those deadlines no trouble. A schedule like this keeps you on track, ensuring you work the hours you’re expected to without it encroaching on your free time, too. Take a look online for some handy templates and away you go.

Stay in the Loop – As a remote worker, one of the biggest threats to success can be your lack of colleagues. It’s surprising how working on your own can discourage you when it comes to smashing that deadline. In the absence of real-life networking, get yourself online and participate in digital networking. There are plenty of LinkedIn and Facebook groups out there, each one giving you the option to chat and vent to likeminded freelancers or remote workers. It’ll help you feel connected and ‘in the loop’ when it comes to industry advancements, too.

Step Outside – Working from the same place – be that your home office, a shared freelancers’ working space or café – can fast ensure you feel fed up. Every now and then, literally step outside – or away from your usual working environment – for a much-needed change of scenery. According to Meagan France, a San Francisco-based marketer, working from coffee shops allows her to separate her work from her personal/home time. Try it too and see if it helps brighten your mood.

Factor in Rewards – Think back to that aforementioned revision timetable for a second. What made it so rewarding, aside from the fact you knew that by revising you’d have a better shot at passing that exam? We’ll tell you what; it was the fact that after an hour/two hours’ revision you’d reward yourself by doing something you enjoyed during a much-deserved break. The fact is, few of us can work for hours on end without a break and or reward. So, bring on the additional motivation you need by allowing yourself a treat – be it a cup of coffee and a biscuit, a half an hour walk or your favourite TV show – after every two or three hours spent working. We bet it’ll be the difference between a productive afternoon and a not-so-productive afternoon.

Think Comfort – If you’re going to be working from home, or via a busy or crowded café, make sure you do it in comfort. When cracking on with work project from home, ensure you make your office cosy by investing in a comfortable office chair and all the tools you need to ensure you don’t get restless. Spending a little bit of money on ensuring your office space is geared up to help you work better will be the best thing you ever did. Similarly, if you’re working from a coffee shop or elsewhere, take along everything you’ll need to help you keep busy. Do you, for instance, need to block out some background noise? Grab your headphones. Or maybe you know your laptop’s battery won’t last so long? In that case, don’t forget your plug. It’s all about ensuring there are no roadblocks to getting on with the important stuff: your day-to-day work. Freelance marketer, Deb McAlister-Holland says she spent thousands remodelling her home office, but it was the absolute best thing she’s ever done to increase productivity. Why not try it, too?

Stay Healthy - While working as a freelancer, there’s no sick pay allowance. This means staying healthy is even more important, as it becomes increasingly vital to keep on top of your finances. With this in mind, ensure you get plenty of fluids, eat well and try to get out of the house as much as possible. Alternatively, keep your mind active by challenging yourself to something new every now and again, or simply change your environment by working from a different room. It’s surprising how just altering your scenery can make you feel a stack better.

Take Pride in Your Work – Finished that huge project?Take pride in accomplishment by rewarding yourself accordingly. Just like treating yourself for completing an hour or two’s work will help motivate you for the rest of the day ahead, rewarding yourself for each and every project you put to bed will do the trick, too.

Eliminate Distractions – Is the lure of Facebook or Twitter stopping you from getting on with that important work? Or maybe your favourite TV show is on in an hour. The best way to ensure distractions don’t take over is to simply get rid of them. If the Internet threatens to halt your productivity, simply disconnect it while you get on - ditto the TV!

Of course, you may well have your own unique way of ensuring you get your day-to-day duties done and dusted, but hopefully this article has given you some much-needed tips. So, tell us, how do you stay motivated when working remotely?



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