How to increase startup traffic with PPC advertising

To get started you will need to create a well thought out campaign, and PPC advertising will allow you to turn your website traffic on and off like a tap. While no startup business should place all their eggs in one basket, pay per click advertising can help you to produce virtually instant traffic to assist with the initial startup window. Most startups need to have a solid proof of concept before obtaining funding to bring their idea to market, and PPC advertising can deliver the traffic you need to deliver fast growth in the first few months.

Here are five key steps that you can follow to benefit from a pay per click advertising campaign. Get ready to build a campaign that performs well and produces the results you need

What are your PPC goals?

Before getting started you need to have your goals clearly marked out. PPC will probably be one of many advertising methods, so assess how you will benefit from using it.

Get all your details laid out in front you, it will help to clearly identify what you need to think about. Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • How much can I set aside for my daily or monthly PPC budget?
  • How much can I spend to obtain customers while still remaining profitable?
  • Who is my target customer?
  • What is my conversion goal?
  • Where is my competition advertising?
  • What is my USP?
  • What advantage do I have?


Take your time answer all these questions before moving onto the next step as many startups assume it is as simple as building a campaign, paying for it and hitting the start button. It will take time and effort to make sure that you achieve the success you need from your campaign.

Utilise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As a new startup, your budget is usually very low, so taking advantage of keyword search will benefit your business and will cost you next to nothing. Be tactical and carry out fast keyword research as getting this right is a great way to uncover low cost keywords that will bring targeted visitors to your website.

Knowing your target audience is going to be your biggest asset, it will allow you to identify phrases they would use to seek out your product or service. Try to avoid high cost broad keywords, as they not only drain your budget fast – but tends to attract people who are not prepared to buy.

Understand Your Competition

Every startup is going to have competitors, but don’t try not to waste your time on those that do not pose a direct risk to your business. Pinpoint your top three to five competitors and analyse what they do and how.

When you begin to understand your competition you may discover advantages that you can happily use in your marketing campaign.

If your startup has a unique advantage then you need to make your target audience aware of it. A cool trick is to search through your competitors keywords and assess their website. You might discover additional keyword terms you can use plus you might find weaknesses in their approach that you can use to your advantage.

Assess Your Conversion Data

Conversion tracking will enable you find out how effective your pay per click advertising is, while pinpointing what is working and what isn’t.

Don’t be afraid to delete poorly performing keywords and change it to something else, see this as a massive advantage to improve each time you analyse your conversion data. Assessing your conversion data allows you to see what keywords are bringing the most traffic and what ones are bringing the most conversions.

Being able to immediately identify where to increase spending and where to make cuts is crucial for long-term success of your business. Don’t leave a poorly performing keyword or ad active in hopes its performance will change – cut the dead weight and focus on the winners!

Continuous Campaign Optimisation

You will need to constantly optimise your campaign to keep it performing as you need it to, but you also need to keep up to date with pay per click advertising in general. The most popular platforms are always changing so taking the time and keeping up to date, will allow you to keep your campaigns performing well. No tool will do the work for you, to be successful at it you will need to put the work in – and frankly it will pay off.

As simple as it may seem PPC advertising can take a little work and time to get it right. If you do not carry out the leg work and set up a thoroughly thought out campaign, you will end up losing your budget and fast.

PPC advertising requires constant monitoring and tweaking, and as a startup it will bring so much value to your company if done right – it will be relatively easy to outsource your entire campaign, so if you are stuck for time, why not explore that option.



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