Should you be on Google+?

Getting Started

Getting started on Google+ is pretty similar to getting started with any other type of social media. Once you’re in, you’ll need to fill in your details. Don’t forget to give an overview of your business, add in your website and your business logo. Feel free to add any images (perhaps of your products or team members) to the photo albums and upload any videos. 

Now, to add people to your circles! Basically, a circle is a group you create of people. So you might have Family, Friends, Colleagues, People you know from Twitter…the naming of the Circles is entirely up to you. By putting people into Circles, you can choose who you want to share information with. This means you can tailor who your content is shown to, which will hopefully garner more targeted results. 

Like Twitter and Facebook, Google+ has a recommendations section on the right with people you might know. It’ll also search your email accounts, if you give it permission, for users you know. You can then drag and drop these contacts into ‘Circles’. Google+ is similar to Twitter, in that you can share with certain people, but they don’t have to share with you (and vice versa). 

Once certain people are sharing content with you, you can get involved with commenting on items they’ve shared, sharing it with your own followers and ‘plussing’ their links.

How to use Google+ for your business

  •  Share links, but don’t be spammy. Ask for opinions, share your blog posts and add images from your business activities.
  • Add influential users to your Circles. Like Twitter, if someone with a good following shares your content, it’ll have a great impact on your traffic.
  • Create client and customer Circles and you can target each group. So information about a great financial year will be of interest to your clients and business partners, whereas special offers will be more interesting to customers.
  • Don’t forget to add a Google+ button to your website! If you’re already using a Facebook Like button and a Twitter share button, the Google+ button should sit happily next to them.

I’d love to know … have you joined Google+ yet? How would you use it for business?

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