Why it pays to detox

About two years ago, things had gotten really busy.

A couple of year ago, my life was filled with projects and work: designing Smarta Business Builder V.2, a deadline for my next book, three board meetings and launching the incredible The One Retreat. I was simply flat out and my body was feeling it. I had zero energy, my skin looked rubbish and I’d put on 5 lbs (yes, really I had).

It was time to get my body, mind and energy back.

You know how much I love my healthy food and green juices, but sometimes (like then) I just didn’t have the time to do it all myself. What I need was a way to kick start the new me – or in my case, probably just getting the old me back!

And then I met the lovely Jason Vale and www.juicemaster.com I was instantly in love. With both Jason and the juice! You can have all of your juices delivered directly to your door - frozen, keeping all the goodness in and allowing you the flexibility to create a mini detox whenever you need it. This removed all the hassle and obstacles for me juicing; just the thought of having to clean the juicer on top of everything else I had to do was enough to make me reach for another slice of toast. By making it easier to be healthy, we naturally become more healthy. 

Since then, I’ve been to Jason’s juice retreat in Portugal and done several more mini detox’s. I think of it like giving my body an MOT - we wouldn’t think twice to invest some time and money into maintaining our car’s peak performance - we should remember to do the same for our own bodies!

I’ve love to know … what do you do to stay healthy?

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