Okta's ‘Businesses At Work’ report

You can read the full report here, but the salient points include:

Size doesn’t (really) matter in the cloud

Company size is no longer a strong predictor of how many cloud or mobile apps a company licenses – with medians falling between 16 and 11 off-the-shelf cloud apps. The same goes for businesses using MFA to protect sensitive data – there has been a 40 percent increase year over year in companies protecting their sensitive data with multi-factor authentication for at least one app.

Popular enterprise apps can be easily ousted

Certain enterprise apps maintain early leadership positions – i.e. Salesforce.com in CRM, AWS in infrastructure and Box in content storage – but others have lost ground to competition, including Google Apps now trailing Microsoft Office 365 in almost every category. Media darling Slack has also come on strong, increasing usership 50 percent in Q2 2015.

If software is eating the world, businesses are hungry

Businesses are making aggressive efforts to enable their partners, customers and contractors through new cloud-based applications, websites or portals. The number of the external identities in Okta grew 284 percent from July 2014 to July 2015, while internal identities grew 192 percent in the same timeframe.

UK businesses won’t let go of the security question as a form of verification

While the global trend is for companies to move away from questions on birthplaces and bloodlines as verification methods – having dropped 14 percent worldwide since April 2014 – usage of traditional security questions in the UK actually increased 17 percent in the same timeframe. However, the UK is aligned with the rest of businesses worldwide in its increasing preference for SMS authentication (with usage growing 8 percent globally and 6 percent in the UK since April 2014).

SAML is finally the security standard it set out to be

With companies putting a premium on security, developers are increasingly creating apps with the highly secure authentication mechanism, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) baked in from the start. Nineteen percent of applications entered in the Okta Application Network today SAML-enabled, a six-fold increase over the past two years.


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