The Smarter Working Guide to London

We believe that along with doing less and getting more, you should never be restricted to your office desk.  As an entrepreneur, flexible working is the norm, so remote working locations need to facilitate your creativity, not hinder it.  Powwownow’s Smarter Working Guide shows you where the top locations to work from in London are, and whether it be a café, a bar or a co-working space, one thing that they can promise you is that these locations can help you get the results you need.

By asking industry leaders and people who commonly work remotely, Powwownow’s user-generated guide identifies locations highly recommended by flexible and remote-workers themselves.  The recommendations unveiled spaces much more interesting than the predictable coffee shop chain and exhibited the fact that remote working spaces in London have much more to offer than just free Wi-Fi.

Bespoke spaces mentioned in Powwownow’s guide not only allows smarter workers to have brainstorming sessions and conference calls with team members, but also provides ideal locations to work individually…and have great coffee!

Here’s a taste of places they cover:

Peckham Pelican is a café, bar an art gallery that hosts a wide mix of working people.  Offering free Wi-Fi, all customers need to pay for is their food and drink consumption.  Recommended as one of the top locations for remote working in South London, Peckham Pelican is one of the few café-like spaces that provides you with ample desk space for you to get your job done without feeling crammed.

If you’re looking for a more versatile location, East London’s The Canvas Café is the perfect creative space.  By doubling as a café and creative venue, it lives up to its name by acting as a blank canvas for your thoughts and ideas.  On almost every other day, they hold events designed to promote positivity and happiness, which needless to say helps you stay in the right frame of mind if you’re ever in need of a quick break from work. 

For a more controlled environment, there are co-working spaces such as The Office Group that allow you to come and go as you please, and be surrounded with like-minded, forward thinking people.  Sometimes a café becomes too noisy, or staff try to flip the table for the next customers, so for issues like this, co-working spaces are a viable solution.  The Office Group provides you with free Wi-Fi, plenty of plug sockets, meeting rooms and a wide selection of flexible offices.  It enables you to stay focussed in a more productive environment so you can get your job done with fewer distractions.

So for entrepreneurs who want to work smarter, you can download Powwownow’s remote working guide here.

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