Why 2015's A level results are good news for UK businesses

James Eiloart, VP EMEA at Tableau software, shares his views: “Businesses have long reported a skills gap when it comes to STEM subjects in their workforce”. He continues, “Today a critical need for businesses large and small is data literacy. With so many students celebrating strong results in STEM subjects, there is a great opportunity for students to bring data analytics skills into business and start a valuable career path.”

Appropriately, data backs this up. In late 2013, YouGov conducted a poll that found that 59% of businesses and 79% of universities believed that there aren’t enough skilled candidates leaving education to meet the demands of the employment market. The report also found that “universities and businesses polled were united in believing that the skills gap can be mitigated with greater collaboration between academia and industry.”

In response to this, companies like Tableau have been working closer with higher education institutions.  Eiloart praises Tableau’s Academic Programme that puts “visual analytics software in the hands of teachers and students. The programme has been used to help teach and learn in diverse course – from economics and maths, to sociology and health.”

This follows news that the UK has the 6th largest digital economy in the EU. However, if Britain is to maintain its placing, and compete with the Scandinavian countries that top the chart, it needs to continue to address a perceived skill gap in the science and technology sector. 


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