Workations – the best of both worlds

The rise of mobile working owes a debt of thanks to advances in technology. With widespread Wi-Fi, cloud based storage systems and flexible business software, it’s never been easier to make Hyde Park, a Spanish beach or The Alps your office.

“Mobile working allows businesses to work across multiple devices from various locations and offers the ease that comes with running your business outside of the standard 9-5. It means people can treat anywhere as their office and aren’t restricted by the confines of a traditional working environment or routine. We understand that it isn’t always realistic for business owners to take long holiday breaks and the standard 28 days annual leave is often not feasible. This doesn’t mean that business owners can’t enjoy the luxuries of the sun, sea, sand or snow and we’re encouraging people to make the most of mobile working and embrace the great outdoors this summer”, said Lisa Ewens, Category Manager at Sage One.

With the average worker spending seven hours a week working outside normal hours and the average entrepreneur taking only 9 days holiday, workations offer a way for startup owners to get the best of both worlds.

But why stop there? Technology savvy freelancers are finding innovative ways to fund their perpetual travel by working remotely. Those with specialised skills in things like copywriting, editing, technical writing and programming can make a living as a “digital nomad”. Even if you earn less than you would expect to in the UK, thanks to incredibly favourable costs of living in Asian paradise destinations, it’s very easy to make finances work. All you need is a stable internet connection.

As an ambassador of the benefits of mobile and flexible working, Sage is encouraging entrepreneurs who will not be taking a break to get out and make the most of mobile and new ways of working. It’s time to get outside and experience the joys of the workation.


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